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JOINT-WATCH (J-WATCH) - ISC Consulting Group
Consulting Group
“Educating and Mastering the Steps of Joint Operation
Planning (JOP)”
J-WATCH is an advanced, easy to use, interoperable, innovative, and cost effective software application
that assists the conduct of the Joint Operations Planning Process (JOPP) and Commanders’ decision-making. J-WATCH
focuses on training Commanders and their Staffs on the critical skills, tasks, and steps associated with mastering the art of Joint
Operational Planning and Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment (JIPOE). By configuring various scenarios, it
is now easy for Commanders and Staffs to analyze, process, synchronize, and disseminate critical information that enables U.S., Allied,
and Coalition Partners to successfully execute all steps of Joint Operation Planning (including Wargaming) and gauge the measures of
effectiveness and performance for both exercise and operational planning.
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• Easily integrates with various Mission
Command and other C2 platforms to support
training, mission rehearsal, and operations
• Trains and exercises joint targeting process
• Visually displays various staff databases and
allows for easy access and retrieval of critical
planning information to drive operational
synchronization and sound decision making
• Assists After Action Review (AAR) process by
automatically recording individual or collective
Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) and Measures
of Performance (MOP)
• Helps organize, exercise, and record JOPP
and Wargaming results
• Single or Multi-User web-based application
designed to train and exercise Commander and
• Displays and integrates friendly and threat
forces disposition via Common Operational
Picture (COP)
• Allows rapid development of executable
friendly and threat scenarios or courses of
action (COAs) aligned with the Commanders
intent and planning guidance in a training
or operational environment
• Easily adapts to Strategic, Operational
and Tactical levels of war across the Joint,
Interagency, Intergovernmental, and
Multinational (JIIM) organizations
• Easily supports adhoc and contingency
crisis planning actions
• Exercises all domains of war (Land, Air,
Maritime, Integrated Air and Missile Defense,
and CYBER)
• Controls weather effects on sensors, weapons’
parameters, asset detection ranges, asset speed
and altitudes
• Commander’s dashboard provides leaders
with rapid visibility to monitor the steps of
JOPP and JIPOE and assess staff and unit
• Accepts multiple geospatial formats
Technical Features
• Rapidly adjust COAs, ISR capabilities
and Blue and Red force ratios
• Drag and drop functionality to easily navigate
within the software
• Easy to train and master icon-driven applications
• Incorporates use of multiple languages
to support international customers
• Fully integrated Learning Management System
• Open architecture allows incorporation of
existing and future planned JOP applications
• Can be accredited to support both classified and
unclassified data inputs