Assessment Task 1 - Westfields Sports High School



Assessment Task 1 - Westfields Sports High School
Westfields Sports
Year 10 Digital Media 2011
David Hockney inspired
PHOTOS DUE: Week 3 & Week 5, Term 2
JOINERS DUE: Wednesday 22nd June 2011
TASK A: To produce a narrative joiner (sequence of images following a subject) using
photoshop elements. Your image is to be A4 in size and be 100 in resolution. This work is
to be of a subject doing something or moving. Ie. Jumping into a pool – you would
capture the subject standing next to the pool, jumping, breaking the water. This image
must have a minimum of 5 layers. Consider the background when taking your photos.
EXAMPLE of Narrative Joiner
This work must be completed at school (on laptop or school computers)
Your image size is to be A4 at 100 resolution.
You must take the images yourself using a digital camera.
TASK B: To produce a photomontage (collage) of a static joiner (photographs of one
subject form a range of different angles. This montage is to be handed in on a large piece
of cardboard and must consist of 30-60 6x4” photographs.
EXAMPLES of Static Joiners
• This work must be presented on a large piece
of cardboard.
• You must take the photographs yourself using a
digital camera.
• Collage can be completed at home or at school.
Objective: Students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding through the making of digital images that lead to
demonstrate conceptual and technical accomplishment.
A student:
makes photographic and digital works informed by an understanding of how the frames affect meaning
makes informed choices to develop and extend concepts and different meanings in their photographic and digital
selects appropriate procedures and techniques to make and refine photographic and digital works
Assessment Criteria
Students will be assessed on their:
• understanding of the functions of Photoshop Elements 3
- use of layers and tools to create a resolved ‘Joiner’
- use of appropriate images to create an interesting Joiner
• understanding of how the structural and subjective frames can used to convey meaning in a digital image.
- selection of symbols, signs and compositional elements to convey meaning
• understanding of photomontage to create a resolved image
use of appropriate images to create an interesting joiner
Students must submit for assessment:
• One digital image – emailed to Miss Cameron at: [email protected]
• Journal including: ideas & sketches, weekly printed update labelled and evaluated.
• One photomontage presented o a piece of large cardboard

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