Paper Mosaic … a mixed media collage (paper painting) …. Chigirie



Paper Mosaic … a mixed media collage (paper painting) …. Chigirie
Paper Mosaic … a mixed media collage (paper painting) …. Chigirie
Chigirie - Japanese Torn Paper Collage art is the Japanese art of tearing paper to create a collage, it's also known
as painting with paper.
Challenge: combine a variety of papers (newspaper, magazine, etc.) Build values by “painting with paper”
Inspirational artist: Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson @
 Use recycled papers to ‘blend’ values & colors to ‘paint’ a picture
 Apply concepts from “Layered Paper” project
 Consider hard (cut) lines vs. soft (torn) edges
 Use pattern as texture
 Create an illusion of depth (distance in a landscape or 3D object)
 Apply good Composition techniques studied in past projects
 Craftsmanship is always important! (Sloppiness distracts from final image).
 Include an artist statement & self-evaluation.
Extra: Add an element of surprise in the choice of recycled products (stamps, gum/candy wrappers, cereal packaging,
old map, key words from magazines & newspapers, etc.)
by Derek Gores
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Transparent Collage ….
Mark Khaisman brown packing tape. Surprising drama is crafted with carefully applied layers of tape on Plexiglas, suffused
with light from behind. The above painting, "Space of Suspense #4", measures 48"x36". Most of Khaisman's work is in this size range.
… could this effect be done with layers of one color of tissue paper?
Tissue paper collage …
Dutch Dance by A.B.Deneweth /