to View the File - Blue Bells Public School Junior Section


to View the File - Blue Bells Public School Junior Section
Project Work
Class-IX (SIP)
Note:-1) Each subject carry 20 marks.
2) All the project work will be done in the test notebooks and they will be submitted on
the first day of the school after the summer vacations
English Literature
Q1) write the summary of Act I scene 1 and give the character sketch of Portia Act 1 (scene 2)
and the basis of the Act 1 scene 1.
English Literature
Q1) Write an essay on the topic “Mobile Phone: a blessing or a curse.”
Q2) Write a letter to a friend. Describing a recent exciting inter-school cricket match which
ended in a tie.
Q3) Write a letter to your Principal requesting her to organize a trip to Agra.
ह द
िं ी साह त्य
1) कहानीकाय का ऩरयचम दे ते हुते ‘काकी’ कहानी का ऩरयचम एवं साय लरखिए|
2) ‘काकी’ कहानी के आधाय ऩय श्माभ, बोरा तथा ववशवेश्वय का चरयत्र का चचत्रण लरखिए|
ह द
िं ी व्याकरण
1) ‘असपरता ही सपरता की कंु जी है ’| ननफंध लरखिए|
Q1) How grid system is helpful in locating the place? Explain with the help of a diagram.
Q2) What is IDL?
Q3) Why do some planets have longer days than a year? Collect the information about planets
which show this kind of characteristics features.
Q4) What do you mean by Earth as an oblate spherical?
Q1) Explain factor of rise of Jainism and Buddhism on the basis of
Rigid caste system
Animal sacrifice
Effort of sages and Intellectuals [with picture on related topic]
Q2) Describe:
No belief in God
Discarding of rituals
Universal brotherhood
The fine vows [with picture on related topic]
Q3) Compare and write 10 points on Jainism and Buddhism and also paste pictures on
the related topic
Q4) Explain the contribution of BUDDHISM in India on bases
Principle of Buddhism
Two sects of Buddhism
Lion capital of Samath
Ashokan Pillar at Lauriya
Q1) Write the properties of Rational Numbers (Q) and describe the decimal presentation
Of rational numbers.
Q2) Describe Irrational Numbers ( ).
Q3) What us the meaning of the marked price, Discount and selling price? Give the
fine differences between them.
Q3) Compound interesting using formula;
Explain with the help of example
When the interested is compounded yearly
When the rates for successive years are different.
Q1) Explain and draw the diagrams of devices for measuring length.
Q2) Explain about vernier caliper.
Q3) Explain about Screw Gauge.
Q4) International system of unit.
Q1) Draw the structure of plant cell and animal cell.
Q2) Draw the structure of Prokaryotic cell. Give differences between Prokaryotic cell and
Eukaryotic cell.
Q3) Explain the structure of Nerve cell. Explain nervous tissue.
Q4) Give the classification of animal tissue with diagram.
Q1) Explain about gas laws.
Q2) Explain Boyle’s Law and Pressure, and volume relationship in gases.
Q2) Explain Law and temperature –volume relationship in gases.
Q4) Types of chemical changes
Q5) Explain about physical change.
Physical Education
Q1) Draw the structure of the level organization a multi-cellular organism
Q2) Draw the structure of diagram explain muscular system
Q3) Draw the structure of cell. Explain it.
Q4) Draw the structure of Respiratory system.
Q1) Write the introduction and history of JAVA
Q2) Explain all the characteristics of JAVA.
Q3) Explain the data type in JAVA with the help of diagram
Q4) Explain all the JAVA statement and also diagrams explaining them
Q5) Find the story behind why the Mascot of JAVA is a coffee mug.

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