script for church leader on duty sunday morning


script for church leader on duty sunday morning
NOTE:When you feel comfortable with this, please try not to read it, but instead to speak more in a
spontaneous way, stating it in different and, perhaps, creative ways. Your audience, in large part, has heard all
this before and appreciates a slightly different version of it every week. That having been said, make sure you
cover all the basic topics. AVOID acronyms: e.g. TVUUC, RE etc. Speak clearly and occasionally make eye
contact with the congregation.
Congregation greeting
[Ring chime to the side of the dais before you begin.]
Good morning! My name is [your name] and I’m [position—eg a member of the Board, Program Council
Chair, etc.] of Tennesssee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, and I would like to welcome you on behalf of
the Board and Program Council. You are welcome here, who ever you are, wherever you are from, and
wherever you are on your journey.
[If the sanctuary is crowded, ask attendees to “Move to the center of the pews]
We extend a special welcome to those who are visiting us today. [optional: as if we have any visitors and/or any
visitors from other UU churches.] If you would like to learn more about us, please fill out a visitor information
card located in the pocket of the seat or pew in front of you, and drop it in the collection plate when it goes by.
We will be in touch with you soon. You may also join us for coffee and conversation in the Greg McKendry
Fellowship Hall after the service.
If you have any questions for the Board or other church entity, please feel free to write them in “Red Book”
located at the Board Table in the Fellowship Hall.
Second service only
If you would like to learn more about our denomination, Unitarian Universalism, and this church, you are
invited to attend UU Conversations, a brief, informal, question and answer session following the service. It is
held in the e.e. cummings room located at the back of the Sanctuary. Today’s session will be facilitated by
[name – found on Order of Service. This person may stand up to be identified.]
[ANNOUNCEMENTS – Read any announcements, which should be found in the pocket of the board located
at the entrance to the Art Gallery.
Notes: 1) Try to avoid “live” announcements, unless they are from an important church committee or fundraiser.
Try to keep the announcement portion brief.
2) Check the Order of Service to see if the church covenant is printed on one side of the insert. If so, say:
I’d like to draw your attention to TVUUC’s church covenant. The UU faith is a covenantal one rather than
following a creed, and our church developed this behavioral covenant to articulate how we should interact with
one another.]
Now please silence your cell phones and other electronic devices as we enter into worship together.
[Ring chime as you walk off stage]
Service Preparation Tasks
1. Arrive 20 minutes before the service
2. Pick up any announcements left in the lobby sign pocket (near Welcoming Table
3. Before the first service, find Board red Book and sign in the President’s mailbox
and place on a table in the Fellowship Hall.
4. Confirm that ushers are present. Find new ones if needed.
5. Confirm that speaker, musicians, and sound person are present.
6. Solve any problem that may emerge. You have the authority and responsibility.
7. Check the Order of Service to see if the church covenant is printed on one side of the
8. Five (5) minutes before the service, ring the bell in the lobby and head for Sanctuary.
Second Service only
1. Identify UU Conversations facilitator
After the Service
1.After both services, check to be sure there are two people to count the plate
collection. If not, which happens infrequently, you’ll have to be one of
them. Otherwise, please sit at the Visitor’s table or Red Book table and talk
to visitors.
2.After the second service, take the Red Board Book and sign and place them in
the President’s mail box in the office. Check to see if there are any comments
that require urgent action, and inform the president, minister or administrator
as appropriate.