Krazy About Kats Foundation (KAK) Cat Surrender Form


Krazy About Kats Foundation (KAK) Cat Surrender Form
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Krazy About Kats Foundation (KAK) Cat Surrender Form
Reponses to all questions are required.
1. Owner’s Name (for surrender of ownership of the following pet(s)):
2. Name of Cat(s):
3. Breed:
4. Age of Cat(s):
5. Is the cat spayed or neutered?
<Please select one>
6a. Do you have proof of current vaccines?
6b. Do you have proof of test for feline AIDS/feline leukemia?
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<Please select one>
7. Why are you surrendering your cat? *
8. The above named owner agrees to the following:
1. He/she is the legal owner of this cat and no other person or persons can claim ownership.
2. Once this agreement is signed by both parties the owner has no legal claim to the cat and gives KAK
full ownership even if the owner agrees to foster the cat until a new home can be found.
3. If there is a foster agreement, you agree to immediately give the cat at any time to KAK upon request.
4. If you refuse to surrender the cat once a new owner has been approved for adoption, you agree to
reimburse KAK for the full amount of the adoption fee.
5. If possession is given to KAK on the day of this agreement you will provide all current health records
and understand that KAK will place the cat in a foster home until a permanent home can be found.
Owner Signature—By typing your name, you are electronically signing this form:
9. Address 1:
10. Address 2:
11. City:
12. State:
13. Zip Code:
14. Email:
15. Phone: