Create a Warm Welcome for a New Cat or Kitten


Create a Warm Welcome for a New Cat or Kitten
Purr-fect Homecoming
Create a
Warm Welcome
for a New Cat
or Kitten
When you welcome a cat into
your heart and home, you open
the door to years of loving companionship. Here’s how to give the
warmest welcome to your newest
family member.
It’s normal for your new pet to
be skittish and shy when she first
arrives. Experts suggest easing
her transition by exposing her to
your home a little at a time, perhaps in a small, quiet room.
As she explores and becomes
confident, give her access to the
rest of the house. Let her initiate
contact — she’ll come to you when
she’s ready for affection. In fact,
she’ll be leaping into your lap and
purring in no time!
Here are a few more things you can do to make her feel right at home.
Cozy Catnaps
Cats DO love to nap. Pamper yours with a soft, comfy
bed. Choose one with a
removable cover that you
can toss in the wash. Cats
are fastidiously clean and
appreciate fresh bedding
as much as you do.
Clean-Smelling Litter,
Fresh Home, Happy Cat
Maintaining a fresh, cleansmelling litter box is one
of the best things you can
do for your cat — and your
home. Try Ever Clean®
Premium Clumping Litter.
Its patented Carbon Plus™
technologies neutralize
odors. And its bacteriainhibiting antimicrobial
agent actually helps stop
odors before they start.
Shop Smart
Pet specialty stores such as
PetSmart® are great resources
for advanced nutrition foods,
cat bedding, treats and toys that
are difficult or even impossible
to find elsewhere. Ever Clean®
Premium Clumping Litter, for
example, is sold exclusively
at pet specialty stores.
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