Symptoms and Reasons for Cat Stress


Symptoms and Reasons for Cat Stress
Symptoms and Reasons for Cat Stress
If you are a cat owner, you must know that cats are sensitive and emotional
creatures like humans. They can be stressed out, lonely and depressed but a
stressed cat is not able to express themselves like us. When your cat sharpens
her claws by attacking your sofa, it may seem like normal behavior to you, but
it is quite natural. Cats are quite prone to anxiety. Stress also has some
harmful effects on the well-being of a cat so it is important to recognize the
signs, and if possible reduce the stress level. Stress in cats can be triggered by
very minor things and changes the habit and lifestyle of a cat. This hurts the
cat and increases the stress level.
3 behaviors of your cat that indicates that it is stressed out:
Excessive Grooming: Cats normally tend to groom themselves frequently but
if you find that your cat is doing more often, it is a sign that there is an issue
of cat stress. On the other hand, if a well-groomed cat starts to be careless
about behavior or appearance. It seems that something is making them
Vocalizing: If your cat is normally very quiet but suddenly starts crying or
vocalizing, there must be a problem. It is their way of telling you that there is
something disruptive in their life and environment, and they are feeling stress.
They can act shy or calm too.
Not using their Litter box: While there may be medical reasons that the cat
is not using the litter box, it can also be due to stress. If your cat has suddenly
stopped using the litter box it is a good idea to carry them to a vet or start
your own treatment in your own way.
Reason for stress: The reason for cat stress can be anything like having a
new partner, or a new baby or changes in their regular routine. Introducing
any new thing can be the reason for their stress. If someone of the family is
leaving, it can be stressful for the cat. Even a change in food habits or place, a
litter box can be stressful for them.
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