A new
Our team celebrates its first birthday, and
we are proud to present to you the new Catit® ! Inspired by our customers’ feedback,
we improved the Catit® classics and developed many
new and exciting cat products.
We hope you like what you see, including
our fresh new logo and website.
Senses 2.0
The Senses line is a global success, so we will continue
to develop interesting features and add-ons.
Aside from new product designs, we also improved
some of the existing items. That’s why we call this 2.0.
The new circuits are compatible with the old ones and
have an amazing new range of 100+ different layouts!
The green circuits are expanded by a new straight track
that allows compatibility with the new, stable products.
Peek-a-boo design for hunters
Customizable and fully renewable
The New Circuits
Create 100+ layouts with the Play, Wave or Super Circuit
Smart scratcher
Multiple tubes provide challenge
Stimulates the cat’s natural pawing and hunting behavior
Food Tree
Dynamic feeder
Treat and food maze with improved stability
Fresh seeds and soil available separately
Ergonomic base with a wide variety of brushes and textures
Grass Planter
Wellness Center
Improved low and stable planter with grid cover
The #1 catnip relaxation spot
Healthy lifestyle
The Flower Fountain is based on the previous,
succesful drinking fountain. We changed the color for a
fresh new look and added two new accessories.
With 3 water flow settings, the Catit® Flower Fountain
will appeal to even the pickiest of cats.
9 to 5 feeding solution
Serve wet food in the bowl to be eaten fresh in the morning.
Add kibble to the paw pit for little snacks throughout the day.
Combine with the Catit® Multi Feeder for
a complete dining experience.
3 water flow settings for picky drinkers
Stores a day’s meal of wet and/or dry food
Flower Fountain
Multi Feeder
Improved compact and simple drinking solution
3-in-1 feeding solution
Better Air Quality
for you and your cat!
Magic Blue
Catit® Magic Blue is the soft filter litter box solution.
It absorbs up to 80% of hazardous ammonia gases and reduces other foul odors up to 50%.
Litter Box
Optimized for Magic Blue
The new Catit® Litter Boxes have closed top doors
that keep the odors locked in for Magic Blue
to absorb. Available in 2 sizes, both including
a free Magic Blue Cartridge set.
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