McGraw Hill/Irwin management presents


McGraw Hill/Irwin management presents
McGraw Hill/Irwin management presents Organizational Structure and
Design, One Smooth Stone
A man dressed as Austin Powers [speaking to crowd]: Now we just need to
add a little life to this party.
[A series of introductory video clips are displayed, including a large
auditorium of audience members who are dancing, a man dressed as a female
cooking show host, and a group of men walking through a dark alleyway.
Music plays in background]
A new man’s voice [narrator] is introduced.
Narrator: “Business theatre, what exactly does that mean? It means when a
large corporation wants to hold an important business meeting, client
meeting, or product lunch, they call a company like One Smooth Stone.
Want a celebrity spokesperson at your meeting? A rock band? An
impersonator? Do you want the entire show live? Or, would you like some
pre-produced videos? Whatever the request, they can deliver. Of course,
there is much more to this than just putting on good theatre.
To ensure proper ROI, or Return on Investment, for their clients, One
Smooth Stone listens to their needs.
Typically these companies have a need for some type of marketing or an
event that communicates in a broad fashion to a group of individuals. We
help them write the strategy, deliver the messages, help facilitate the
production, and deliver an event that is meaningful, that has some type
of return on investment, and that establishes a message out in the
marketplace that people can take some kind of action on. So who are these
[Video clips continue on screen]
A new man is introduced, his name is Gary Vik.
Gary Vik: “We produce business theater events for our clients, and
theater is live, and that means you've got one shot to get it right.
Millions of dollars are on the line, that CEO is out and onstage, and the
audience wants to hear the message and wants to be moved to action.
That's a lot of pressure, but pressure that we're ready for because of
the great relationships we have with the clients and the great structure
that we've got within our organization”.
[While Gary continues speaking camera changes from being on him to a
series of video clips, including two men riding an escalator]
Narrator: “-So who are these clients? They range from companies like
Motorola and Nortel to International Truck & Engine, Coast
Pharmaceuticals, and others. The meetings take place all over the world
and are attended by thousands of employees who need to be educated and
[Video clips of business logos and truck logos are presented on screen.
Jazz music plays in background.]
A new man is shown [Wearing suit and tie and is on a stage].
He says “We have stopped the evil doers from doing that evil that they do
so easily”.
[Crowd laughs].
Narrator: “As you meet some of the employees from One Smooth Stone in
this video, one of the things that you'll realize is that their jobs
require expertise not only in their own industry, corporate event
planning, but
in their clients' industries.
On a given week, you might find them studying up on anything from heavyduty trucks to anti-cholesterol drugs”.
[Men and women having an office meeting are shown. Video moves to a man
talking on the telephone. Words are presented on screen (such as;
“international”, “New international delivery trucks” and “buildings
best”). Men in orange jackets run around a truck. Words presented on
screen “Kitchen, 12:30pm, client product testing”. Visually we see two
girls and two boys eating.]
[A woman in a blue shirt who is holding a black book begins to speak,
asking someone to spell a word].
Words presented on screen “11:05am, Ericka Loynes”.
Ericka: Koppel spell dyslipidemia”.
A man holding a ball [named Steve Koppel] begins spelling a word.
Ericka: “wrong”.
The camera is back on Ericka.
Ericka: “MC pronounce it”.
A man in a light blue dress shirt is shown [named Matt Croft].
Matt attempts to sound out a word.
Ericka: “wrong”.
Camera quickly flashes back to Matt.
Words presented on screen “Conference Room, 11:10am, Client Research
[Visually we see three men and one women sitting around a table].
The narrator begins to talk.
Narrator: “So how do they do it all… with patience, hard work and a good
sense of humor…”
[Visually we see the inside of a building, directly ahead are red
Narrator: “Especially when asked to have a client logo tattooed on their
[We then see a man in an olive green shirt getting a tattoo on his arm by
a woman with curly hair].
The narrator continues to talk.
Words are presented on screen “5:12pm, Mandatory Company Haircuts”.
Narrator: “or shaved in there head”.
[Visually we see a barber shop].
Man in orange shirt is cutting a man named Ken Haller’s hair.
[Sound of buzzing due to hair clippers].
[Man in orange shirt smiles at his work while we see the company logo cut
into Ken Haller’s hair].
The narrator continues to talk.
Narrator: “Don’t worry, those were computer special effects. These people
are dedicated but they are not crazy.
So now that you understand what One Smooth Stone does for a living
we will begin on an overview”.
[The camera shows a series of people in a line holding out there hands].
[The narrator goes into an overview].
Words presented on screen in list format “FAYOL, unity of command,
hierarchy of authority, subordination of individual interests, authority,
degree of centralization, clear communication channels, order, equity and
esprit de corps”.
Narrator: “One theory that was presented throughout many businesses that
later morphed into actual rules and regulations was that of FAYOL
principle of organization”…
The narrator is still speaking.
Narrator: “The result was the formation of many rigid organizations that
were unable to quickly respond to customer requests”…
[Visually we are shown a picture of an old building in black and white].
The narrator is still speaking.
Narrator: “Max Weber added the following principles [listed below]”.
Words are presented on screen in list format “WEBER, job descriptions,
written rules, consistent procedures, promotions based on
The narrator continues to speak.
Narrator: “Max created the pyramid shaped organization that became so
popular in large firms”.
[Visually a pyramid is shown].
The narrator still talks.
Narrator: “At the time these were developed it worked well because the
work force was generally untrained and uneducated”.
[Visually a black and white photo of men working is presented].
Narrator: “But today’s work force requires more sophisticated
[Visually we see a woman in blue walking across the inside of an office
Gray’s Vik’s voice begins to talk about One Smooth Stone.
[Visually we see a stone with “One Smooth Stone” written on it].
[Words are presented on screen over the stone “Issues involved in
Gary: “As One Smooth Stone has developed we have realized that our
industry moves very quickly, in particular with what’s going on in the
economy and at times move forward and try to get a head on that”.
[Video is showing a man is looking a series of videos].
Gray continues to talk about the industry.
[Video moves to two men arguing back and forth].
[Then the video continues with other video clips].
Gary appears on screen.
Narrator: “They achieve this by recruiting employees that are highly
skilled and highly trained and who can be relied upon to think for
Organizational design by definition is the structuring of workers so they
may best achieve the firms goals.
In basic terms, the firm’s goal at One Smooth Stone is to respond to
whatever their customer needs”.
[Video moves to Gary leading a meeting in a conference room].
[Visually we see two people at a time talking, as the video scrolls
through several pairs of people].
[Man at computer screen].
The narrator is still speaking.
Narrator: “Since each event varies from client t client project teams
must be empowered.”
[Visually we see men and women talking].
A new man is introduced and begins to talk; he is wearing a black jacket
with a blue under shirt.
Man: “Solving client issues first and foremost. No specific department
owns that philosophy it is one that everyone owns.
[Ericka is back on screen, reading from her black book].
Words presented on screen read as “3:14pm”.
Narrator: “Because One Smooth Stone higher and empowers highly skilled
employees and because of the customer driven nature of their business
they are able to thrive under a decentralized relatively flat
organizational structure that employees a broad span of control.
[Visually a series of clips is shown, such as men talking and men in
office chairs playing basketball].
Man in black jacket is back on screen talking.
Man: “Our business structure at One Smooth Stone is a decentralized one,
we do not have departments.
That allows our teams to form around the client, rather than pigeonholing them to a specific department pretending that we the solution that
has already been prepackaged.”
Music plays.
Words are presented on screen “Outsourcing”.
[Visually we are looking at the stone that says “One Smooth Stone on it].
The narrator begins to talk until 5:43.
Narrator: “Today many companies like One Smooth Stone look to other more
specialized firms to outsource certain functions”.
[Screen moves to man filming something in the dark, men talking into
microphones and men getting microphones set up].
Man: “We are very selective about freelancers that we bring on board.
Those freelancers need to bring the right talent to provide the right
solution for our clients but they also need to embody the values of our
They are an extension of us and although they might not work within our
walls when it comes to serving our clients they are representatives”.
[Visually we see a man with long hair next to a horse].
The narrator begins to talk again.
Narrator: “When they chose these representatives according to Gary there
are three categories that they look at”.
[Various video clips are shown; mainly people talking on the phone].
Gary begins talking.
Gary: “The first one is a person knowledgeable about the services One
Smooth Stone provide. The second one is understanding there culture and
how they deliver. And the third one is personality matches up with
[Music plays in the background].
The narrator is now talking again.
Narrator: “Today’s ultracompetitive business environment and changing
economy have forced companies to consider restructuring…
And to begin to consider total quality management and continuous
Words are presented on screen “Adapting to Change”.
[Video clips of man holding trophy appear].
[Video clips of office space appear.]
Narrator: “One Smooth Stone has created its own innovative approach in
dealing with this issue”.
Gary is speaking in background.
Gary: “As soon as we sat down to write strategic plans they became
obsolete. Instead of investing the time in that we have incorporated a
concept called strategic improvising to our company into the long term
mission and plans are for our company.
We basically take our company and divide it into six different areas and
create some ground rules and some things to focus on in the future and
use that as our template to move forward”.
[The stone that has One Smooth Stone written on it flashes by.]
The narrator is back talking.
Narrator: “We already discussed how One Smooth Stone has built its
organization around serving the clients…
[Visually we see carpenters at work and then a man talking on a couch].
[Other video clips play].
When it comes to shared company values however this is just one part of a
truly exceptional overall organizational culture where they take care to
look at other things”.
[Woman is slipping coffee].
Gary begins talking.
Gary: “Like how your culture is run, um how you are maintaining
relationships with clients and what are the relationships like with
employees? What are you doing with your time to help others inside and
outside of our company those are the things that if you stay focused on
the finances come after that.
There is great success if you have those together”.
[The word “Culture is presented on screen”.]
[Two women holding a cake appear with KOS written on it (their names
being Sandy Southworth and Grace Martinez).]
The narrator is back to talking.
[Two men are talking up on a stage].
Narrator: “For Mark an important part of this culture is the support he
receives from the top on down”.
Man in black jacket talks [named Mark].
Mark: “Uh I’m well supported and well supported by the values of our
company. I’m supported by the freedom to get the job done and done in the
right way and within the right time frame for our clients. Um that is a
lot of fun and makes pressure event delivery really enjoyable”.
[Video shows Gary in orange shirt talking on the phone].
The narrator is back is talking.
[Video moves to men playing basketball in office chairs].
Narrator: “Is this starting to sound like a great company to work for?
You bet it is! Nice coworkers, strong ethics, travel fun creative
projects and a decentralized structure that supports empowerment. What
more can one as for?”
[Video footage continues of people sitting around table talking amongst
each other, a football game where employees are dressed up in KOS logos].
Man in black suit is back on screen talking.
Mark: “One Smooth Stone has been and continues to be and will be
successful for a long time to come primarily because of its values. Uh we
summarize those values in three words; smart, fast and kind. If we can
deliver things to those to our clients in a smart way and a fast way but
most importantly in a kind way clients will keep coming back.
And that is success for One Smooth Stone”.
[Ending credits].
[Music plays].