Attention Educators:


Attention Educators:
Attention Educators:
The Navy League STEM Institute is
2015 Sea-Air-Space.
WHE1: The Naval STEM Exposition at Sea-Air-Space will be held on Sunday, April
12, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Potomac Rooms at the Gaylord Convention Center
in National Harbor, Md.
WHO: Middle and High School students from around the area are invited to
participate in this exclusive, hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
(STEM) exhibition.
WHAT: Students will be able to connect and engage with our nation’s foremost
military and civilian organizations by participating in interactive exhibits and careerexploration opportunities that have a theme directly tied to the sea services.
The exposition will have two main areas of focus:
Career Track: Students will be able to talk with industry representatives
career tracks.
Hands-On Activities: Organizations will have hands-on demonstrations that
incorporate various STEM activities to educate and bring more interest in
STEM and demonstrate its impact on everyday life.
WHY: By fostering more transparency between industry representatives and
students before college, the STEM Exposition at Sea-Air-Space can offer early
insight for students about the value of a STEM skill-set in today’s world.
HOW: Register now for the opportunity to explore exciting hands-on exhibits and
career opportunities from our nation’s top companies. Encourage all the students
you know to set their education on the right path today for the career of their future!
Register Now: