Present round 2 of the ACU British Ladies and Girls Trials


Present round 2 of the ACU British Ladies and Girls Trials
Present round 2 of the ACU British Ladies and Girls Trials Championship
4th Bob Halford Cup
Venue- Victory 40 Moto Park nr Ashorne Warwickshire CV33 9QL
Rider, bike and route
Route 3 Girls Sportsperson Non-championship
1 Molly Mayhew Beta 125
2 Leah Robinson Team Robinson Gas Gas 125
3 Olivia Brooksbank Sherco 125
Route 3 Ladies Sportperson Non-Championship
4 Jen Jen Crabtree Dads Sherco
5 Chloe Cross Gas Gas 125
6 Sharon Elkins Beta 80
Girls C Championship Route 3
7 Poppy Flectcher
8 Amelia Mayhew Beta 80
9 Sophie Bailey Oset 24 48 volt
10 Elizabeth Tett Beta 80
11 Kira Sarsero-James Beta 80
Girls B championship Route 2
12 Sopie May Hardie Juan Knight Gas Gas 125
13 Kira Beardshall Beta 125
14 Hannah Moore Beta 80
15 Alicia Robinson Team Robinson Beta 80
Girls A Intermediate Championship Route 2
16 Chole Baker
Ladies Intermediate Championship route 2
17 Victoria Holmes Al- Span Sherco 125
18 Jennifer Stephen Gas Gas 250
19 Hanna Vesterinen
20 Francesca Tattersall Trials UK Sherco 125
21 Catherine Alford Team Alford Gas Gas 250
22 Charlotte Kimber Parkwood Offroad Beta 250
23 Victoria Peel Inch perfect Beta 125
Girls A Championship 50/50 route 1 and 2
24 Meg Savage Gasa 125
25 Beth Waite Beta UK 125
26 Gabby Whitham SXS Jotagas 125
Ladies Championship Route 1
27 Millie Ray Sherco 250
28 Donna Fox Trials UK Sherco
29 Victoria Payne Active MRS Sherco 250
30 Louise Alford Team Alford Gas Gas 125
31 Becky Cook SXS 300
32 Jess Bown Birkett Motos/Tred Shop Scorpa 250
Permit number ACU 43724
ACU Steward Malcolm Bates Lic No 47915
C of C Peter Archer Lic No 10985
Assistant C of C Graham Archer Lic No 10896
Club Stewards Graham Archer, Alan Halford and Ernie Johnson
Secretary of the Meeting
Ann Archer
67 Mayswood Road, Solihull B92 9JE.
0121 743 3220 ( up to 10am on 5th June 07914078933 after this time.
Please remember Motor Sports can be dangerous. Despite the organisers taking all precautions
unavoidable accidents can happen. Please comply with all instructions and notices and remain in
permitted areas. They are only concerned for your safety.
As chairman of Leamington Victory Motor Cycle Club I welcome all Riders, family members, officials
and observers to the second round of the championship. From an initial idea, from today's A.C.U. steward
some 15 years ago, we have all watched this series develop into the challenging championship that it has
become, due to the endeavours of those riders that could see there was a need to represent the Ladies and
Girls of this great sport of Motorcyle trials.
Have a safe and enjoyable day.
Graham Archer
Chairman and general dogsbody.
Final Instructions
ACU permit No 47915
Start time 10.30am then 1 minute Intervals.
Route marking as advised on the day. Section marking as per TSR 22B
Machines to be Examined prior to start.
Lanyards must be fitted and worn.
5 Hour time limit.
Nearest Hospital Warwick Tel 01926495321