April 18, 2015 Dan Zundel – Grand National


April 18, 2015 Dan Zundel – Grand National
For more information:
Nick Giurukis
[email protected]
April 20, 2015
Dear Daniel Zundel
This correspondence is to inform you and the pit crew related to you that you are suspended from the Speedway
property effective immediately as a result of the verbal threats directed to a Lorain County Speedway employee
and other competitors within the Grand National division which occurred after the feature race on Saturday, April
18, 2015. This probation will remain in full effect for 30 days from the date of this letter.
Please take the time to refresh your memory on our rules and procedures, specifically the ones that caused us to
take this action. For your convenience, they are copied below:
Rough driving resulting in injury to a competitor or disabling their equipment, or verbal and/or
physical abuse is inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. No further warning will be given.
Actions of competitors and pit members considered detrimental to the speedway shall be subject to
suspension or be expelled from LCS grounds indefinitely.
In addition, your qualifying time will not be recognized as a new track record due to the fact that the car never
completed a technical inspection after the feature event.
Nick Giurukis
Race Director