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BIOWAXER - MAF Industries
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* e purpose of this system is the application of XEDASOL L wax on apples.
Process description:
Application of the wax using :
- 5 rows of animal hair brushes.
- One roller conveyor for drying.
Covering with this natural wax is carried out by means of 14 stainless steel nozzles, each one controlled by a
temporized solenoid valve and supplied by a dosing pump.
Drying is carried out by a cold air flow passing through the rollers and the fruit. e air is extracted by the fan
located on the top of the machine (Chimney for evacuation of steam is not included in the scope of our supply).
is system is equipped with:
1 Progressor allowing the evacuation of the fruit from the brusher.
1 Water cleaning system for the brushes and the 14 nozzles.
For optimal functioning, it is necessary to avoid any condensation on the apples, by heating them beyond the
Heat the immersion water to 40° C by means of a hot water generator or use a hot air generator on the brusher.
•Remarkable visual appearance with an intense shine
and brilliance.
•Long-term preservation characteristics of the fruit.
•Bacterial disinfection of the surface of the skin.
•Drastic reduction in long term moisture loss.
•Clean presentation with a homogeneous
Length: 236’’/ 315’’
Between4and 5 Litres / Ton
· Chassis : InoxAISI 304
· Electrical power: 7 kW 3P+N+Earth
· Specifications : Non ATEX
· Machine in accordance
with the EC standards
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