Knock Knock Whose there? World Kitchen Oh I do like to be beside


Knock Knock Whose there? World Kitchen Oh I do like to be beside
Advent: Passport Control
Lent: Outdoor Adventure
Pentecost: Toy Story
We will improve our skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening by sharing and enjoying appropriate books in full. We will create our own texts about our own personal experiences and those of others. We will think about the
purpose of our writing when we plan and try to include new vocabulary that we have learned.
Use the school calculation policy and National Curriculum document to cover the statutory areas of:
Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and division, Fractions, Measurement,
Geometry – properties of shapes and position and direction, Statistics (data handling statutory at Y2) Including fluency, reasoning and problem solving.
Y1: Animals including Humans
different animals
Y2 Living things and their habitat, animals including humans
Y1 Plant/seasonal change.
In the garden/seasons
Y2: Plants
Growing plants growth & survival:
. Y1: everyday materials
Y2: uses of everyday materials in particular reference to
Children will also be Working scientifically following the National Curriculum in a range of activities linked to the theme. This is incorporated in the science topics.
Events within living memory: How transport has changed over time?
Events beyond living memory first aeroplane flight link to Luton
Journeys and Travel
Locational knowledge:
Use simple compass directions to navigate around a map of the
school (Y1)
Name and Locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans.(link
to travel)
Using a globe. (Y2)
Local History Events/People in Luton
Significant Historical Event people and places in our own locality
Changes within living memory: How have toys/parks
changed over time?
Seasonal and daily weather patterns
Contrasting area Y2 in UK. Hot/cold regions world recording daily weather and looking for
Our school (y1);
St Margarets, Stockwood Park, seasonal weather
Geography skills and fieldwork: using maps, atlases, aerial photographs compass N,S,E,W and directional language near, far, left, right to be incorporated in all studies. Link to stories.
Art &
Portraits, linked to passports, work on different scales
Digital Media
Use photography to create art from found, natural objects. Record visual information
Create hand puppets.
Know about the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers describe similarities and differences and link to own work
Design Make and Evaluate:Vehicles –
a model boat floating bath toy or a simple wheeled vehicle.
Design Make and Evaluate: Cooking and Nutrition.
Preparing food safely. Making choices to improve the nutritional content of a meal.
Thinking about foods that are in season. (camp ing food)
Design Make and Evaluate Games: A choice of
Designing a new playground, making a prototype or
Board Games with made counters and tokens. Choosing
hardwearing materials.
Y1 Hey You (Hip Hop) Little Angel Gets Her Wings (Christmas)
Y2:Hands, Feet, Heart (South African)Little Angel Gets Her Wings
Y1 In The Groove (Blues, Latin, Folk, Funk, Baroque, Bhangra)
Y2: Rhythm in the way we walk/banana rap
Y1 Round and Round
Y2 Reflect rewind and replay
Children will use their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes Play tuned and untuned instruments musically
Technology in our lives
E safety
Handling data
E safety
Programming & controlling
Multi media - Using E safety

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