New zoo wishlist 2


New zoo wishlist 2
Wish List
**Items we need the most are those that are disposable; things the animals eat, chew up,
or shred. We also need the larger item listed above including:
-Avi-cake bird treats
-Booda bones
-Crispy Chews for small animals
-Small cat trees with one/two platforms and a hide tunnel or cave
-Dogloo II (sized medium and large)
-Hunting scents: grouse, pheasant, quail, deer, fox, etc.
-Millet (whole, on the stem)
-Nut knot parrot chew toy
-Woven grass mats, or any items made of woven grass.
-Any of the large jolly ball horse toys.
-Gift cards!
Non-Mounds wish list items we need include:
-Any size Boomer Balls
-Any primate or orangutan enrichment devices from Otto Environmental
-Bales of untreated wood wool excelsior
-A human infant incubator
-Large cargo nets made of rope or seat belt material
-Good quality digital camera and video camera
**We are able to re-use non-disposable items. Items we do not need at this time include
(I have removed them from the above list):
-All Forage Wise plastic parrot puzzle toys
-All small cockatiel sized bird toys
-Tennis balls
-Rope toys of all sizes
-“Flappy” brand dog toys
-Laser pointers

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