Toy Catalogue - Pied Piper Toy Library


Toy Catalogue - Pied Piper Toy Library
Pied Piper Toy Library
A sample of some of the toys we have in our Toy Library
Activity Toys
Toddler roller coaster.
2 non-slip steps lock
securely into 3 piece
track for access from
both sides. Recessed
retainer well holds
coaster car until child
is ready to roll. Fully
assembled car has
high back, handrail
and foot rests for
secure ride. Minimal
adult assembly
Junior gym/cubby
house for climbing,
sliding, crawling and
peek-a-boo fun
Foldaway Climber
with Basketball
Hoop and Soccer
Activity Toys
Little Tikes Cozy
Coupe Ride on cars
- The car that runs
on kid’s foot power
Convertible cosy
Pink cosy coupe
The Ladybird Bug
has been designed
to encourage gross
motor skills whilst
also providing hours
or WHEEEELY good
fun! Go backwards,
forwards, sideways
or around & around.
Activity Toys
Balance bike
3-wheeled scooter
Activity Toys
Fun Barrel
A rocking horse with
a friendly face,
smooth one-piece
design and detailed
moulding. It has a
high seat back and
easy to grip
An old favourite –
the see saw
Activity Toys
Giant Top
Tunnels and tents
Small parachute
Role Play Toys
A selection of
children’s pretend
play kitchens
Joggers, buggies
and prams
Cot/change table
with bath
Role Play Toys
With this plastic play
set, children can
mimic many of the
procedures that
their doctors
perform during a
routine examination.
They'll have a great
time listening to a
doll's heartbeat,
checking a teddy's
ears, a soldier's eyes,
nose, and throat, or
testing reflexes.
Our washable doll
Newborn baby doll
Role Play Toys
Tea sets
Little Tikes Kitchen
Modern shopping
trolley will help little
shoppers mimic trips
to the supermarket
Use a cooking set
with a kitchen play
set for lots of
wonderful pretend
play. Includes pots,
lids, saucepans,
spoons, frying pan,
Role Play Toys
Puppet Theatre.
A beautiful fabric
theatre facade. This
classic toy will win
the hearts of boys
and girls alike.
Children love to role
play and what
better setting to act
out their plays and
Dolls houses
Water Play Toys
Aqua Harbour and
Marina Set
Hungary Pelican
Bath Toy
Disney Princess Ariel
Bath Castle and
Thomas Bath Tracks
Multiplay Water Play
A variety of toys to stimulate babies and toddlers
Post boxes
A range of activity
Fisher Price Kick and
Whirl Carnival
Toys for babies and toddlers
Our activity garden
Fisher Price Laugh &
Fisher Price Crawl
and Slide arcade
A tunnel of fun for
crawling baby and
active toddlers.
Open window
invites peek-a-boo
play. Large crawlthrough tunnel has
a gentle angle
Toys for babies and toddlers
Activity Wagons
Stand up ball blast
Beading frames
A range of puzzles
Lots of puzzles to
choose from
This fire truckshaped puzzle is
ready to go with
only 24 cardboard
pieces to complete
assembly! Four feet
long when
Geometric Stacker
Duplo, Lego, K’nex & Imaginext
Duplo Train sets
Duplo Building
Mega Blocks Play ‘N
Go Table
Imaginext pirate
ship, moon station,
fortress, aircraft
carrier and fire
A huge selection of games
Jenga - This game is
simple to learn,
quick to play and is
packed with
portable excitement
for all ages suspenseful, tension
filled and
captivating fun!
Wiggle & Giggle The ball balancing
physical game of
fun! Kids will wiggle
and giggle while
playing this
challenging game
of physical
movement and
balance. Players
must perform
actions while
holding the foam
ball where the
spinner indicates.
Twister - This game
will literally have you
in knots... and
stitches! A fun family
game that requires
balance and rubber
Be the first to collect
all of the items on
your shopping list
and fill your trolley,
in this colourful and
updated version of
this best-selling
memory game.
Other Toys
Lock box to
stimulate those
curious minds
Airports Cars and other
Other Toys
Basketball Hoop
and other sports
A range of musical instruments
Musical instruments
A variety of dress ups
We have a selection
of different
costumes and dress
Our Party Packs
Jumping Castle
Ride on train
Our Party Packs
Ball Pit
Circus Theme