Summer Reading
E v a n s K r a m
e r T u r n e r
L O R D O F T H E iFn gL I E S
William Gold
Wel co me F r e sh m e n !
Chapter 1: In this chapter the reader is introduced to all of the
main characters. For each of the characters 1) describe his
personality, 2) predict how he will function in the society created by
the boys (Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric, Jack, Roger, Simon)#
Chapter 2: During the meeting, the boys discuss what they think
is the most important in order to ensure their survival. For each of
the following topics that they discuss, explain how important you
think each is to the boys’ survival 1) rules, 2) getting rescued, 3) the
Beast, 4) having fun. Also predict which one of these items will be
the priority for the boys and which will be ignored. Why do you
feel this way?#
Chapter 3: Much of this chapter describes the argument between
Ralph and Jack. Explain Ralph’s argument. What do you agree
with and what do you disagree with in his argument? Explain Jack’s
argument. What do you agree with and what do you disagree with
in his argument?#
Chapter 4: For each of the following characters, explain the ways
the character has changed since chapter 1 and the ways the
character has remained the same (Ralph, Piggy, Roger, Simon)#
Chapter 5: The meeting during this chapter can be broken up into
3 distinct parts. First Ralph discusses why “things are breaking up.”
What is the biggest cause of this break-up? Second, the group
discusses the Beast and the fear that it causes. What do you think
is the main cause of the fear that has infected the minds of the
boys? Finally, the meeting ends with Jack and his hunters dancing
on the sand. If this meeting is seen as a political fight for power
between Ralph and Jack, who won? How do you know?#
What to do:
Acquire a copy of Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Second
Read the novel carefully. As you read, stop at the end of each
chapter to answer a short writing prompt (see below) thoroughly
and thoughtfully. Responses must reflect your own thoughts and
not those of another student or study aid (i.e. SparkNotes).
Please type these responses using the following format: 1 inch
margins, double spaced, Times/Times New Roman, 12 pt.
Come to school with your 12 prompt responses. Be ready to talk
about the book, take a quiz, and write a short essay.
Chapter 6: How has fear influenced the boys’ reaction/
interpretation of the Beast?#
Chapter 7: Here in the middle of the novel, the boys have clearly
changed both physically and mentally from when they first arrived
on the island. What are some of the specific changes you notice in
Chapter 8: Once the presence of the beast is confirmed, the older
boys have different opinions about how the problem should be
handled. What suggestions are put forward by Ralph, Jack, Piggy,
and Simon in this chapter? Who do you think has the best
approach and why?#
Chapter 9: Several different circumstances converge and lead to
the first murder on the island. Explain the multiple factors that
cause the death to occur.#
Chapter 10: This chapter depicts the new chief on the island.
How is his ruling style similar to or different from that of the old
chief ?#
Chapter 11: Evaluate Ralph and Piggy in this chapter. What
personality traits do they show? With which of their actions do you
agree and with which do you disagree? Why?#
Chapter 12: How satisfied are you with the ending of the novel? If
you could change the ending, what would you change and why? If
you wouldn’t change the ending, explain why you agree with
William Golding’s decision to end the novel the way that he did.