Bulletin- March 22 - Mars Hill Church of Christ


Bulletin- March 22 - Mars Hill Church of Christ
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Presented by the Church of
Christ in Florence, Alabama
The Mars Hill Messenger
March 22, 2015
Good for My Heart
Some things just do my heart good. They lift my spirits and make me appreciate how good God is to us.
This Veterans Day we heard and saw boatloads of respect and appreciation being extended toward both veterans and
active service personnel. That fits Romans 13:7, “Render therefore to all their due…honor to whom honor.” It is an honor
to recognize and pray for those who sacrifice for the common good.
On the evening of Veterans Day we made a happy trip to Cullman to be with their Primetimers. My assignment was to
speak about seniors and depression. We were warmly welcomed and treated with great kindness. We heard encouraging
stories of how their senior group and youth groups are interacting in ways that build love. Though my topic could have
been depressing, it wasn’t. The group participated with wisdom and courage. Their comments made the lesson more real.
It was one sweet evening.
Some of us are working with Demar Elam, long-time missionary, to strengthen the library at Philippine Theological
College. Just this week, we learned of others who are joining the effort with everything from book donations to gifts of
time and expertise. As much as we appreciate our international students at Heritage Christian, we love faithful works that
educate Christian leaders and encourage gospel preachers within their own cultures. It’s sound stewardship on many
We got emails again last week from alumni celebrating their most recent baptisms. They weren’t bragging, just imitating
Acts 14:27 by reporting “all that God had done with them.” We know it’s God who opens hearts and grants repentance
(Acts 11:18, 2 Timothy 2:25). We know it’s the power of God that works in baptism (Colossians 2:12). But we appreciate
and delight in the good work of those who teach the gospel. It’s so good of God to let us work with Him.
We had a visit at school from an alumnus who serves in East London, South Africa. It was so cool to hear that lovely
Afrikaans accent again. Chris du Preez told of evangelistic campaigns and students being trained to preach at Eastern
Cape Bible College. He told of the latest church planting that is underway. This will be the tenth congregation that he and
his good family have led. Sweet words from sweet people.
We made a hospital visit last week and learned that a stream of others had done likewise. God will bless that kind of
faithful service (Matthew 25:34-40). God will return love for love, only bigger and better. He has more power to bless
than we can even imagine.
Last week a friend shared a photo album from a recent mission trip to Africa. The pictures from Zambia made me want to
go there. The photos from South Africa reminded me of precious times spent with precious people. The scenes and
wildlife were beautiful, but it’s the people who really shine. Africans and Americans working side by side to the glory of
God—what a blessing!
You’ve heard the familiar line, “When you see something, say something.” That applies to more than just preventing
abuse and other criminal behavior. When we see something good, pleasant, and God-honoring, we need to commend and
encourage that effort. We need to share that good news with others who will also be encouraged by it (Hebrews 10:24).
Mars Hill 2015 Summer Series
“Acceptable to God”
~June 3~
Acceptable Obedience- (Romans 12:1-2) -Rodney Rice (Mt. Zion)
~June 10~
Acceptable Attitude- Humbleness -(Romans 12:3) - Perry Taylor (Stutts Road)
~June 17~
Acceptable Church - (Romans 12:4-5) - Ronnie Roberts
~June 24~
Fellowship and Singing
~July 1~
Acceptable Message- (Romans 12:6-7) -Kevin Dillon
~July 8~
Acceptable Inspiration- Encouraging, Giving, and Leading- (Romans 12:8a) -Richard Downey
~July 15~
Acceptable Treatment of Others- Mercy and Love- (Romans 12:8b-10) -Rickey Collum (Cherokee)
~July 22~
Fellowship and Singing
~July 29~
Acceptable Desire- Fervent in Spirit- (Romans 12:11) Joel Caudle (Glendale)
~August 5~
Acceptable Assurance- Hope, Patience, and Prayer- (Romans 12:12) -Andy Kizer (Salem)
~August 12~
Acceptable Use of Resources- Hospitality- (Romans 12:13-14) -Don Harriman
~August 19~
Acceptable Association- (Romans 12:15-16) -Daniel Ridinger (Coxey)
~August 26~
Fellowship and Singing
~August 30~
Special Sunday
Acceptable Recompense- Overcoming Evil with Good- (Romans 12:17-21) -Randy Baker
for Jennifer Newton and John McGee
on Saturday, March 28, 2015
from 10:30-11:30 am
at Mars Hill Church of Christ
given by Aunt Denise and Aunt Cindy
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Bob Comer, Nancy Jones’ brother
Doris Berry, sister of Phyllis Underwood
James Leo Hogan, Polly Underwood’s brother
Randy Parrish
Willodean Blalock, mother of Mack
Ruth Fowlkes, Robert Fowlkes’s mother is in Glenwood 109B
Novella Anderson
Harold Coonrod, father of Debbie Newton
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Bobbie Peck, friend of Betty Beadle is now at Keestone
Ann Hill, friend of Debbie Newton
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Michael & Krisi Wray and baby Charlie, niece of Alӓna Marks
Sherry Moore, niece of Martha Nichols
Marsha Sanders, friend of June Smith
Julie Ford Tavlock, friend of Troy Rogers
Mary Linville, neighbor of Meg Phillips
Connie Waddell, relative of Jackie Lewis
Pride Sherrill, friend of Tony Hollingsworth
Lavonne Bain, aunt of Jane Blalock
Cecil Stacy, brother of June Smith
Katie Long, great niece of June Smith
Marold Pigg, nephew of Margaret Marks
Brenda Collum, friend of Meg Phillips & Doris LaPlante
Harry Campbell, brother-in-law of Thomas Tidwell
Elijah Hudson, friend of Dawn Downey
Maye Coil
Quenton & Judy Hogan, brother & sister-in-law of Polly Underwood
Erica King & Preston Aldridge, friends of the Blalocks
Lisa Williamson, daughter of Julia Milstead
Donna Hays, sister of Randy Medley
Betsy Barnett, friend of the Underwood’s
Wanda Hamm, cousin of Chris Moran
Mary Neil Simon Sullivan, friend of Edith Broadfoot
Leon Crosslin, brother of Wanda Jones
Francis Herston, neighbor of Loraine Hanback & Wanda Jones
Bobbie Rayburn, daughter of Vida Clemmons
Joel Lewis, grandson of Howard Lewis
Danny & Laura Sale, relatives of Pam Eckl
Tony Britnell, father of Anthony Britnell
Mattie Scott, mother of Debbie Newton
Tommy Coker, son of C.A. Coker
Canera Wisdom
Jennifer McCain, niece of Laura Moran
Eilie Brewer, niece of Colton Gross
Katie Kirk, relative of C A Coker & Tamsie Rogers
Harry Price, son of Earline Price
Mike Nichols, son of Sonny & Martha Nichols
Willie Hamblen

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