Julius Caesar Anticipation Guide


Julius Caesar Anticipation Guide
Julius Caesar Anticipation Guide
English II—Unit I—Betrayal and Loyalty
Directions: Place a check mark next to each statement you believe is true.
_____1. Chaos results when lawful social order is broken.
_____2. The best intentions of good, noble people can lead to tragedy.
_____3. Language is a powerful weapon, and in the hands of a skilled person, it can be
used to manipulate others.
_____4. Violence and bloodshed can never have morally good results.
_____5. Orderliness and stable rules, even though dictatorial, are preferable to chaos.
_____6. Although over two thousand years have passed, people have not changed much
since Caesar's time.
_____7. Power can change a person.
_____8. Some things in life just cannot be explained by humans.
_____9. Ancient Romans contributed to our knowledge/use of medicine today.
_____10. Ancient Romans contributed to our knowledge/use of architecture today.
_____11. Suicide is an honorable way to die.
_____12. Superstitions are true.
_____13. Advice from horoscopes should be followed every day.
_____14. Good luck rituals should be performed before all activities.
_____15. We are able to control our own futures.