Transcription Egypt Egypt
Awaken new perspectives on the most ancient of secrets already in you
MAy 2004
featured speakers
John major Jenkins
William henry
Jordan maxwell
Answers these questions: Did other
ancient civilizations know, as the
Mayans did, about the Galactic Center?
Did they know about our impending
alignment to it, as encoded into the
2012 end-date? If so, what did Egyptian
traditions have to say about it?
Interpreting ancient myths &
spiritual mysteries that relate to the
empowerment of the human soul.
His extensive database of Egyptian,
Sumerian symbolism & mythology
enable him to detect the startling
ways history is repeating itself today.
Mythologist, Egyptologist and
expert on ancient religons and
thier symbols. His insights on
symbology will open your eyes to
the true meaning of symbols from
ancient Egypt and the world.
Nile Adventures
Visit these temples:
• abydos
• abu simbel
• aswan quarry
• colossi of memnon
• dendera
• edfu
• karnak
• kom ombo
• luxor
• philae
• valley of the kings, queens and nobels
whiile in cairo visit
• the great pyramids
• the sphinx
• abu garab
• saqqura
• memphis
• the cairo musum
When was the
last time you
did something for the
first time?
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nothing will be missed!
Optional Sharm el Sheik red sea snorkeling and diving