webinar: adaptation financing for local governments in


webinar: adaptation financing for local governments in
Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm ET (please note your time zone)
Webinar cost: Free!
Local governments in Canada are on the front lines of climate change impacts, but the cost of adapting infrastructure to flooding
and other climate-driven challenges is a barrier to implementation. We present findings from a report compiled for Natural
Resources Canada’s Economics Working Group on funding sources available to Canadian municipalities that can be used to
pay for urban climate change adaptation.
Deborah Harford
As executive director of Simon Fraser University’s Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT), which develops
adaptation strategies for all levels of government, communities and industry sectors, Deborah is responsible for
development of the initiative’s vision and its partnerships with the public and private sectors, as well as overall
coordination and management of the program. Deborah’s work with ACT has gained her national recognition
as a resource for those seeking information on climate change adaptation and practical coping strategies.
Dr. Benoit Laplante
Dr. Laplante holds a Ph.D. in environmental economics from Queen’s University. He has 30 years of
experience in the field of environmental economics, conservation financing, economic valuation of
environmental impacts, and cost-benefit analysis. More specifically in the field of climate change, Dr.
Laplante has co-authored seminal articles published in peer-reviewed economic and climate change
scientific journals. His work on the economic impacts of climate change and on the economics of adaptation to climate change has
also been (and continues to be) published by institutions such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. In addition to
research and analyses, Dr. Laplante provides continued support and advice to policy-makers of developing countries of Asia, Africa,
and South America on assessing the economic impacts of climate change and of their responses.
Ewa Jackson
Ewa has worked with municipal governments for over 10 years in the fields of sustainability, public
participation, and climate change. She holds degrees from the University of Toronto in environmental
management and political science. Ewa is a leader in the field of municipal climate adaptation, and since 2007,
she has been engaging communities from coast to coast to coast on the issue. She led the development of
ICLEI’s Guidebook, Changing Climate Changing Communities, which ultimately was a 3-year process of
research, collaboration and piloting with experts in the field including municipal practitioners, climate scientists, planners,
disaster specialists, extension agents and academics. She continuously works with specialists in the field to keep municipal
officials at the forefront and responding to the advancements being made. She often speaks publically on the state of municipal
adaptation planning across Canada and internationally.
Lisa Danielson
Lisa is a master’s graduate from the School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University. She is a senior
researcher with ACT.
Julia Berry
Julia is a master’s graduate from the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser
University. She is a senior researcher with ACT.
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