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CivicInfo BC
CivicInfo BC:
Information Services
for Local Governments
Presentation at MATI “Foundations”
August 7, 2011
Rules of Engagement
Please feel free to ask questions at any time.
To generate discussions, I’m quite willing to
bribe the class with candy and chocolate.
If my candy is not as good as the MFA’s, I will
send better candy later this week. Please
remember this when you evaluate tonight’s
1. History of the CivicInfo BC project.
2. CivicInfo BC Services – Brief Overview.
• 1998: idea to create a comprehensive
local government information sharing
service, building on past successes.
• 1999: Needs Assessment conducted by
University of Victoria; funded by UBCM.
• 1999: CivicInfo BC partnership assembled
in response to the Needs Assessment
History - Founding Partners
• BC Assessment
• Municipal Officers’
Association of BC
• Municipal Finance
Authority of BC
• Municipal Insurance
Association of BC
• University of Victoria
Local Gov’t Institute
• Union of BC
• Ministry of Municipal
• August 2011: Five employees (4 F/T)
• CivicInfo BC website now experiences
approximately 2.1 million visitor sessions
and 8.2 million page views per year.
• CivicInfo BC functions like a co-op; all
local governments are members.
• The more information local governments
share through CivicInfo BC, the greater
the benefit is to all.
CivicInfo BC Services
A Brief Overview
Professional Development
Find exciting conferences, courses, and seminars.
Surveys & Statistics
CivicInfo BC has an incredibly versatile reporting tool.
Practices & Innovations
Building a Better
Mouse Trap
Legislative Calendar
Document Search
Find People & Organizations
Suppliers & Professionals Directory
Find professionals to do the job right.
Grants Database
A list of grants available for your local government.
Bids & Tenders
For Sale By Bid: One (1) Fire Truck. Slightly used.
Career Postings
Think your job stinks? Think again.
Questions and Discussion
Todd Pugh
CivicInfo BC
[email protected]
Phone: 250-383-4898