The Sun Is Always Shining


The Sun Is Always Shining
The Sunshine Outdoor
Theater presents…
The Sun Is
Always Shining
Oh no, where
has the sunshine
Look at
that dark
rain cloud!
Did you know that the sun is shining even when you can’t see or feel its rays?
Brrr! It’s
cold without
the sunshine.
Let’s go
inside to
wait out
Even when there are dark, stormy clouds in front of the sun, behind those clouds
the sun is shining as brightly and brilliantly as ever.
We can
see the
sun again!
The storm
Once the storm has passed, you will see the sun shining brightly again. The sun
never fails to shine its light and warmth on the earth.
Good morning,
class! Today we will
be taking a field trip
to the zoo.
Jesus is like the sun in our lives. Just like the sun never goes away,
Jesus never goes away. He is always there for us.
The driver called
to say that the bus
for our outing has
broken down.
Let’s ask Jesus
to show us what
we can do.
Psalm 46:1 NLT
In the Bible we learn that “God is always ready to help in times of trouble.”1 That
means that even when something goes wrong, we can always trust that Jesus will
help us find the answers that we need to whatever difficulties we are facing.
Hurray! I’ve been
looking forward to
this excursion!
Wonderful news!
The bus has been
repaired in time
for our outing.
You can look to Jesus to receive His help, comfort, and answers.
He’ll help you solve the problems!
Even when something
seems sad or isn’t
working out as you want
it to, take a little time
to look past that one
sad spot, and you’ll see
that there is plenty to
be grateful for. Jesus
can fill your heart with
joy and gladness.
Remember to
look on the bright
side, no matter
Authored by Devon T. Sommers. Illustrations by Didier Martin. Design by Christia Copeland.
Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2012 by The Family International