KABC Bible Study ~ April 14, 2015


KABC Bible Study ~ April 14, 2015
Kaighn Avenue Baptist Church
Bible Study ~ April 14, 2015
Dr. Britt A. Starghill
Quote-“Faith consist in believing when it is beyond the power of
reason to believe”- Voltaire
Ø St Matthew 28: 16-20
Ø St. John 21:1-13
Ø II Chronicles 7:11-16
1. What is the church assigned to do, and what were the disciples doing? Why?
2. What are the reasons we fail to be witnesses for Jesus, today?
3. In the sermon on Sunday, what did it mean to be in the “Sea of Tiberius” for the
Jews? How does the naming of places and things remind us today of
4. In St. John, the disciples caught “nothing” why? What does it imply in our lives
5. What did Jesus ask Peter, and why Peter, anyway?
6. What is the message of these texts to this congregation facing the challenges of
this community in 2015?
7. What is the importance of reconciliation with God, what will happen as a result?