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Sheri Betz 800-­‐787-­‐7784 ext. 7234 [email protected] Earn Your Bachelor of Applied Science
Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
A Degree to Meet Your Needs
The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree is ideal for sonographers who wish to earn their bachelor’s degrees. The program is structured on the
“inverted major” concept, which builds a complimentary academic degree program around the sonography major a student has already completed
through an associate’s degree or hospital-based program. Compared to other colleges and universities, Siena Heights grants the most credit for
hospital-based and other non-traditional college equivalent learning.
Maximum Credit Granted for Your Allied Health Program
Community college graduates: Credit awards for allied health professionals who hold Associate of Applied Science degrees in sonography with
additional certifications will be dependent upon the length of the community college degree programs. Many community college applied science
degree programs provide all the prerequisite general education that you will need for your Siena Heights University bachelor’s degree. A common issue among sonographers is that they often have MANY college credits. If you have 90 or more semester hours of credit, Siena Heights
University requires only 30 additional semester hours of credit (10 classes) for its bachelor’s degree (depending on a student’s general education
needs) advantage over many colleges that would require 60 additional semester hours.
Hospital-based programs receive credit: Siena Heights also grants up to 60 semester hours of credit for hospital-based sonography programs.
Verification of two years of work experience is required.
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