thử sức trước kỳ thi quốc gia năm 2015 đề số 4


thử sức trước kỳ thi quốc gia năm 2015 đề số 4
Chọn từ có trọng âm nhấn vào âm tiết ở vị trí khác:
1. A. private
B. belong
C. indeed
D. emit
2. A. property
B. nitrogen
C. surgery
D. furthermore
3. A. solidify
B. miraculous
C. intimacy
D. appropriate
4. A. apprehension
B. preferential
C. conventional
D. calculation
5. A. satisfactory
B. alterative
C. military
D. generously
Chọn đáp án để hoàn thành câu:
6. Lightweight luggage enables you to manage easily even when fully …………..
A. loaded
B. crowded
C. carried
D. packed
7. The car always breaks down because of its old ………….
A. motor
B. machine
C. engine
D. machinery
8. The information is strictly …….. and should not be discussed in public.
A. secret
B. exact
C. believable
D. valuable
9. It was ……… easy for him to learn baseball because he had been a cricket player.
A. purposefully
B. exceedingly
C. relatively
D. normally
10. We were ……….. a mile of our destination when we ran out of petrol.
A. hardly
B. inside
C. only
D. within
11. …….all the hard work they put in, the students got good exam results.
A. As a result of
B. In compared with
C. According to
D. In addition to
12. What a (n) …………….behaviour! He went straight into the line.
A. shame
B. shameful
C. ashamed
D. shameless
13. If you book in advance you will …… certainly have a better table at our restaurant.
A. mostly
B. almost
C. most
D. the most
14. He always complains about my ………………….to cook.
A. ability
B. inability
C. unable
D. able
15. Although ……. satisfied with the contract, the officials hesitatingly agreed to sign it.
A. complete
B. completed
C. completely
D. completion
16. ……… children were injured. They all came back unharmed.
A. Not any of the
B. None of the
C. Not any of
D. None of
17. During the time I started to get chest pains, I ……… tennis a lot.
A. had played
B. have played
C. would play
D. was playing
18. I didnt know exactly how old he was, but he …..about 30 the first time we met.
A. should be
B. should have been
C. must be
D. must have been
19. The building work is still on schedule …………… a problem in digging the foundation.
A. due to
B. despite
C. so as
D. only if
20. …………, he could not lift the trap door.
A. As he was strong B. Strong as was he
C. As strong he was D. Strong as he was
21. It is necessary to be careful ……………your career.
A. when choosing
B. when you will choose
C. when you have chosen
D. when you chose
22. Is this the address to ………………you want the package sent?
A. which
B. where
C. whom
D. whose
23. Of the two new secretaries, one is competent and ………….is not.
A. another
B. other
C. the other
D. the second
24. I …………in trouble now if I had listened to you in the first place.
A. won’t be
B. wouldn’t be
C. am not
D. wouldnt have been
Truy cập để xem lời giải video đầy đủ và chi tiết của đề thi
25. The children …………. to the zoo.
A. were enjoyed to take
B. enjoyed being taken
C. were enjoyed to be taken
D. enjoyed taking
26. The day-to-day ………. of the company is left to a board of directors at the top.
A. working
B. establishing
C. running
D. all are correct
27. …………… , he was unharmed after being hit by lightning.
A. Consequently
B. Finally
C. Cautiously
D. Miraculously
28. I think its a bit …….. to hope that we can beat them easily. They are much younger and better.
A. reality
B. really
C. realised
D. unreal
29. Noboby can approve of his ……….. to work. He is so irresponsible.
A. character
B. behaviour
C. attitude
D. manner
30. The old man is …….. of walking 100 meters by himself.
A. inexperienced
B. incapable
C. unable
D. immature
31. We are considering having………………….for the coming New Year.
A. redecorated our flat
B. to redecorate our flat
C. our flat to be redecorated
D. our flat redecorated
32. ………… chooses to be honest is, certainly, nearer to God.
A. Anyone
B. Who
C. Anyone of us
D. Whoever
33. That honest man always speaks ……………. is true even if it is bitter.
A. that it
B. that
C. what
D. which
34. The progress made in computer technology …………. the early 1960s is remarkable.
A. in
B. for
C. since
D. during
35. Did you apologise to Mary, …………….?
A. who you spilt some coffee on her dress
B. you spilt some coffee on her dress
C. whose dress you spilt some coffee
D. whose dress you spilt some coffee on
Đọc bài văn, chọn đáp án điền vào chỗ trống:
In this age of (36)______telephone networks and electronic mail, it seems that fewer and even fewer
people are taking time to sit down and write letters (37)_____friends and relatives. For hundreds of
years, letters were the only way to keep (38)_____ people who were any distance away and letterwriting was seen as an important skill for all learned people (39)______ .
Gradually, (40)_____ , the importance of writing letters is decreasing to a point that majority of us have
to (41)_____ a special effort to turn out something worthwhile when we apply for a job or make a
complaint. In business circles the tendency is for routine communications to become shorter. (42)_____
clients may appreciate a detailed letter, an employee who sends out long letters is often regarded as
(43)_____ . Many people prefer the telephone in all circumstances and its speed is essential in many
situations but (44)______ have you put the telephone down, dissatisfied with what you have managed to
say? I dont think Ill throw my (45)______ away yet.
36. A. progressive
B. advanced
C. highly-developed
D. all are correct
37. A. to
B. from
C. for
D. with
38. A. in step with
B. in contact with
C. on good terms with
D. in favour of
39. A. to be mastered
B. mastering
C. to master
D. mastered
40. A. therefore
B. however
C. in short
D. for example
41. A. make
B. do
C. cause
D. create
42. A. Even though
B. As though
C. Despite
D. However
43. A. unimportant
B. inefficient
C. unusual
D. impossible
44. A. how often
B. how long
C. how much
D. how about
45. A. letter
B. telephone
C. pen
D. effort
Chọn phần gạch chân cần được sửa
46. We educate our children as well as we can, because an educational population is the key to future.
A. as well as
B. an
C. educational population D. to
47. The more frequent you exercise, the greater physical endurance you will have.
Truy cập để xem lời giải video đầy đủ và chi tiết của đề thi
A. frequent
B. exercise
C. greater
D. will have
48. It is believed that in the near future robots will be used to doing things such as cooking.
A. It
B. the near future
C. be used to doing
D. such as
49. Robots in the home might not be enough creative to do the cooking, plan the meal and so on.
A. the home
B. might
C. enough creative
D. do
50. It is becoming extremely difficult to grow enough to feed the worlds rapidly increased population.
A. It
B. extremely difficult C. to feed
D. increased population
Chọn một câu có nghĩa gần nhất với câu cho sẵn:
51. Tom has the ability to be a professional musician, but he's too lazy to practice.
A. He is able to practice music lessons professionally though he is lazy.
B. As a professional musician he is not lazy to practice music lessons.
C. He is talented but he'll never be a professional musician as he doesn't practice.
D. Though practicing lazily, he is a professional musician.
52. She couldnt find the classroom until after the class had begun.
A. She went to the wrong class.
B. She was late for class because she had got lost.
C. She missed the class.
D. She had some trouble finding the class but she arrived on time.
53. The book costs $15, 50 but I have only $14, 50.
A. I have more than enough money to pay for the book.
B. The book costs a little more than I have with me.
C. I have just enough money to pay for the book.
D. I need a few more dollars to pay for the book.
54. My father likes nothing better than fishing on a hot, summer day.
A. My father doesn't like fishing on a hot, summer day.
B. Although he likes fishing he doesn't want to do it on a hot, summer day.
C. Fishing is my father's favourite enjoyment on a hot, summer day.
D. Fishing is better than doing nothing on a hot, summer day.
55. If I hadn't had so much work to do I would have gone to the movies.
A. I never go to the movies if I have work to do.
B. I would go to the movies when I had done so much work.
C. A lot of work couldn't prevent me from going to the movies.
D. Because I had to do so much work I couldn't go to the movies.
Chọn câu được viết tốt nhất với các từ cho sẵn:
56. worlds oceans / vast / cope / present levels / pollution
A. The worlds oceans are so vast that they can cope with the present levels of pollution.
B. The worlds oceans are too vast to cope with the present levels of pollution.
C. The worlds oceans are very vast although they can cope with the present levels of pollution.
D. The worlds oceans are vast so that they can cope with the present levels of pollution.
57. robots / use / slaves , therefore , / free / people / do / more of the things / want.
A. Robots used slaves, therefore, people freeing them to do more of the things they want.
B. Robots would be used like slaves, therefore, free people can do more of the things they want.
C. Robots would be used as slaves, therefore, freeing people to do more of the things they want.
D. Robots use is like slaves, therefore, free people do for them more of the things they want.
58. way / protect / all the wildlife / must / find/ many species / in danger of extiction
A. A way to protect all the wildlife must find as many species are in danger of extinction.
B. A way is protected for all the wildlife, finding any species which are in danger of extinction.
C. A way protects all the wildlife that are found among many species in danger of extinction.
D. A way of protecting all the wildlife must be found as many species are in danger of extinction.
59. persons choice / occupation / probably / most important / ever have / made
A. A persons choice of occupation is probably the most important one that ever has to be made.
B. A persons choice about occupation is probably most important one to have ever made.
C. A persons choice from occupation is probably the most important one ever has to be made.
D. A persons choice among occupation is probably most important ever having made.
Truy cập để xem lời giải video đầy đủ và chi tiết của đề thi
60. my opinion / unfair / women / more duties / husbands
A. According to my opinion it is unfair when women have more duties than their husbands.
B. In my opinion it is unfair that women have more duties than their husbands.
C. My opinion is unfair for women to have more duties than their husbands.
D. My opinion, which seems to be unfair, is that women should have more duties than their husbands.
Read the passage and choose the correct answers.
In the world today, particularly in the two most industrialized areas, North America and Europe,
recycling is big news. People are talking about it, practicing it, and discovering new ways to be sensitive
to the environment. Recycling means finding was to use products a second time. The motto of the
recycling movement is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".
The first step is to reduce garbage. In stores, a shopper has to buy products in blister packs, boxes
and expensive plastic wrappings. A hamburger from a fast food restaurant comes in lots of packaging:
usually paper, a box, and a bag. All that packaging is wasted resources. People should try to buy things
that are wrapped simply, and to reuse cups and utensils đồ dùng, dụng cụ. Another way to reduce waste
is to buy high-quality products. When low quality appliances break, many customers throw them away
and buy new ones - a loss of more resources and more energy. For example. if a customer buys a highquality appliance that can be easily repaired, the manufacturer receives an important message. In the same
way. if a customer chooses a product with less packaging, that customer sends an important message to
the manufacturers. To reduce garbage, the throwaway must stop.
The second step is to reuse. It is better to buy juices and soft drinks in returnable bottles. After
customers. empty the bottles, they return them to the store. The manufacturers of the drinks collect the
bottles, wash them, and then fill them again. The energy that is necessary to make new bottles is saved.
In some parts of the world, returning bottles for money is a common practice. In those places, the garbage
dumps have relatively little glass and plastic from throwaway bottles.
The third step is being environmentally sensitive is to recycle. Spent motor oil can be cleaned and
used again. Aluminum cans are expensive to make. It takes the same amount of energy to make one
aluminum can as it does to run a color TV set for three hours. When people collect and recycle aluminum
(for new cans), they help save one of the world's precious resources.
61. What is the main topic of the passage?
A. how to reduce garbage disposal
B. what people often understand about the term 'recycle'
C. what is involved in the recycling movement
D. how to live sensitively to the environment.
62. Which is described as one of the most industrialized areas?
A. Europe
B. Asia
C. Middle East
D. South America
63. What does the word 'sensitive' in the phrase 'sensitive to the environment' mean?
A. cautious
B. logical
C. friendly
D. responding
64. People can do the following to reduce waste EXCEPT
A. buy high-quality product
B. buy simply-wrapped things
C. reuse cups
D. buy fewer hamburgers
65. Why is it a waste and customers buy low-quality products?
A. Because people will soon throw them away.
B. Because they have to be repaired many times.
C. Because customers change their ideas all the time.
D. Because they produce less energy.
Truy cập để xem lời giải video đầy đủ và chi tiết của đề thi
66. What does it mean 'Customers can vote with their wallets'?
A. they can choose the cheapest products
B. they can cast a lot to praise a producer.
C. they can ask people to choose products with less packaging
D. they can tell the producers which products are good for environment by buying them.
67. The word 'motto' is closest in meaning to_________
A. meaning
B. value
C. belief
D. reference
68. What best describes the process of reuse?
A. The bottles are collected, washed, returned and filled again.
B. he bottles are filled again after being returned, collected and washed.
C. The bottles are washed, retuned, filled again and collected.
D. The bottles are collected, returned filled again and washed.
69. The garbage dumps in some areas have relatively little glass and plastic because
A. people are ordered to return bottles.
B. returned bottles are few.
C. not many bottles are made of glass or plastic. D. each returned bottles is paid.
70. The word 'practice' is closest in meaning to_________
`A. drill
B. exercise
C. deed
D. belief
Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn phương án đúng ( a hoặc b, c , d) cho mỗi câu từ 71 đến 80:
By the mid-nineteenth century, the term “icebox” had entered the American language, but ice
was still only beginning to affect the diet of ordinary citizens in the United States. The ice trade grew
with the growth of cities. Ice was used in hotels, taverns, and hospitals, and by some forward- looking
city dealers in fresh meat, fresh fish, and butter. After the Civil War ( 1860- 1865), as ice used to
refrigerate freight cars, it also came into household use. Even before 1880, half the ice sold in New
York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and one-third of that sold in Boston and Chicago, went to families
for their own use. This had become possible because a new household convenience, the icebox, a
precursor of the modern refrigerator, had been invented.
Making an efficient icebox was not as easy as we might now suppose. In the early nineteenth
century, the knowledge of the physics of heat , which was essential to a science of refrigeration, was
rudimentary. The commonsense notion that the best icebox was one that prevented the ice from
melting was of course mistaken, for it was the melting of the ice that performed the cooling.
Nevertheless, early efforts to economize ice included wrapping the ice blankets, which kept the ice from
doing its job. Not until near the end of the nineteenth century did inventors achieve the delicate balance
of insulation and circulation needed for an efficient icebox.
But as early as 1803, an ingenious Maryland farmer, Thomas Moore, had been on the right
track. He owned a farm about twenty miles outside the city of Washington, for which the village of
Georgetown was the market center. When he used an icebox of his own design to transport his butter to
market, hr found that customers would pass up the rapidly melting stuff in the tubs of his competitors to
pay a premium price for his butter, still fresh and hard in neat, one-pound bricks. One advantage of his
icebox, more explained, was that farmers would no longer have to travel to market at night in order to
keep their produce cool.
71. What does t he passage mainly discuss?
a. The influence of ice on the diet
b. The development of refrigeration
c. The transportation of goods to market
d. Sources of ice in the nineteenth century.
72. According to the passage, when did the word “icebox” become part of the language of the United
a. In 1803
b. Sometime before 1850
c. During the Civil War
d. Near the end of 19th century
Truy cập để xem lời giải video đầy đủ và chi tiết của đề thi
73. The phrase “forward- looking” is closest in meaning to
a. progressive
b. popular
c. thrifty
d. well-established
74. The author mentions “ fish” in “ ……dealers in fresh meat, fresh fish and butter….” Because
a. many fish dealers also sold ice
b. fish was shipped in refrigerated freight cars
c. fish dealers were among the early commercial users of ice.
d. fish was not part of the ordinary person’s diet before the invention of the icebox.
75. The word “it” in “……it also came into household use…” refers to
a. fresh meat
b. the Civil War
c. ice
d. a refrigerator
76. According to the passage, which of the following was an obstacle to the development of the icebox?
a. Competition among the owners of refrigerated freight cars
b. The lack of a network for the distribution of ice
c. The use of insufficient insulation.
d. Inadequate understanding of physics.
77. The word “rudimentary” is closest in meaning to
a. growing
b. undeveloped
c. necessary
d. uninteresting
78. According to the information in the second paragraph, an ideal icebox would
a. completely prevent ice from melting
b. stop air from circulating
c. allow ice to melt slowly
d. use blankets to conserve ice
79. The author describes Thomas Moore as having been “on the right track” to indicate that
a. the road to the market passed close to Moore’s farm
b. Moore was an honest merchant
c. Moore was a prosperous farmer
d. Moore’s design was fairly successful
80. According to the passage, Moore’s icebox allowed him to
a. charge more for his butter
b. travel to market at night
c. manufacture butter more quickly
d. produce ice all year round
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