Lagaria Pinot Grigio KeyKeg Sell Sheet with Text Box


Lagaria Pinot Grigio KeyKeg Sell Sheet with Text Box
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• Revolutionary Technology
• Maximum quality and shelf life
• Light weight
• Efficient
• Access to new markets
• Sustainable
• Dispenses using compressed air
Pinot Grigio Now
Available in 20L
• Crafted by Superstar Enologist, Franco Bernabei
• Exactly the Same High Quality Wine as in the 750 ml
• Whole bunches are softly pressed without prior
crushing and the must is fermented in stainless steel
tanks with temperature control. The young wine is
kept in contact with the fine lees until bottling, which
takes place in early spring
• New Labels Designed by one of Italy’s Most Exciting
Illustrators, Stefano Riboli
The KeyKegs®
Revolutionary Technology
• Innovative PET Keg
• No Gases In Contact With the
• Double Wall Technology
Focus On Sustainability
• Recyclable
• Better Capacity Use
• Lower Co2 Emissions
Optimum Protection
• Keeps Light Out
• High Tech One Way Keg
• Successful In Practice
Long Shelf Life
• Better Quality Control
• Keeps Wine Fresh
• Top Quality Served At All Times
More Storage Space
• Less Bottles To Store
• Replaces 26 Wine Bottles
• Easy To Handle
• Ergonomic
• Only 46 lbs.
Increases Sales
• Minimal Waste
• Easy To Serve
• Lower Ounce Cost
• Increased Profits
• The Ideal Package For BTG
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