michter`s pdf file - Chatham Imports, Inc.


michter`s pdf file - Chatham Imports, Inc.
The Whiskey That’s Warming the American Revolution!
“Classic (96-100)/Highest Recommendation”
Wine Enthusiast
F. Paul Pacult
“Best American Whisky”
Food & Wine, Spirits of the Year Awards
Pete Wells
“Michter’s 10-year-old takes the title”
The San Francisco Chronicle
Gary Regan
“…subtle and complex; great for cocktails”
The New York Times
Eric Asimov
“…smooth and spicy with lovely rich flavors”
Patterson’s Beverage Journal
Anthony Dias Blue
“…makes an old-fashioned to tell your grandkids about”
Wine & Spirits
David Wondrich
“The panel’s favorite…”
The Los Angeles Times
Charles Perry
Michter’s American Whiskey Company, Bardstown, Kentucky