S-270 Basic Air Operations - Motherlode Interagency Training


S-270 Basic Air Operations - Motherlode Interagency Training
S-270 Basic Air Operations
April 18-19, 2015
Angels Camp Fire Station 1
Prerequisite: I-200, S-130 & S-190. This is required class for Strike Team Leader
and above.
Course Materials:
Student manual will be provided. Pre-course work is required and here is the
website to obtain it: http://training.nwcg.gov/pre-course.html
Course Description:
This course covers aircraft types and capabilities, aviation management and safety
for flying in and working with agency aircraft, tactical and logistical uses of
aircraft, and requirements for helicopter take-off and landing areas.
This class is sponsored by the Motherlode Interagency Training Officers
If there are any questions or comments please email Bill Fullerton at
[email protected]. Registration shall be in no later than April 15, 2015.
Registration for S-270
Deadline for Registration: April 15, 2015
Name:_________________________ Date:______________
Contact Phone: _____________________________________
By signing below, I understand that if the participant does not show up for class or
does not complete the course, that my Agency is still financially responsible for
tuition fees.
Fire Chief Signature:_______________________(If agency is paying)
Payment enclosed (Due by April 15, 2015)
Bill my Agency
Checks must be received by April 15, 2015
Make Checks Payable to:
Motherlode Interagency Training Officer’s Association
Please return registration form to:
Motherlode Interagency Training Officers Association
P.O. Box 353
Angels Camp CA 95222
Fax to: 209-728-2951
[email protected]
Questions can be directed to Bill Fullerton at [email protected].