Quiz Review Sheet: Chapter 10, Lessons 1



Quiz Review Sheet: Chapter 10, Lessons 1
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Quiz Review Sheet: Chapter 10, Lessons 1-3
In order to pass this quiz, you should be able to:
Patricianwealthy upper class of Rome
Representativea person elected to represent the people
Plebeiancommon people of Rome; included farmers,
soldiers, and merchants
Republic –
government where people vote for their rulers
Senategoverning body of ancient Rome
ruler with total control over people in times of
emergency in ancient Rome
Patriotism –
sense of pride in one’s country
Consulone of two government officials in ancient Rome who
managed the government and army
Tribunemen appointed to protect the rights of plebeians in
ancient Rome
Caesarruler of ancient Rome
Aqueductstructures used to carry flowing water from a
legendary founder of Rome
Etruscansneighbors of Romans who ruled and influenced
early Romans
Junius Brutusled the revolt against Tarquin and helped free Rome
from Etruscan rule
Carthaginiansseafaring civilization that competed with Rome for
control of the Mediterranean
HannibalCarthaginian general of the Second Punic War who
led an army of elephants to Rome
Remus –
legendary founder of Rome
Latinsthe early peoples of Italy
TarquinEtruscan noble who murdered the king and seized power
Punic WarsA series of three wars between the Romans and the
Carthaginians. Rome won all three.
LucretiaRoman noblewoman who was greatly admired; she was
attacked by the son of the Etruscan king. Her death
prompted the Romans to overthrow the monarchy.
CincinnatusRoman farmer who was appointed dictator and
peacefully handed back power when his term was
up; was a hero to ancient Romans
Explain how Rome’s geography helped it grow and developIt was accessible by both sea and over land; its climate was warm and ideal for growing crops
List the main crops grown in Romegrapes and olives
Identify the main river of Rome and the major landforms found on the Italian peninsulaTiber River; plains and mountains
Describe what the Romans learned from the EtruscansHow to farm and build (aqueducts, better weapons, and ships)
Describe the education of Roman boys and girlsOnly wealthy children educated by Greek slave tutors; learned to do math and read and write on wax
tables or sheets of papyrus
Tell how the Romans tried to make friends with those that they conquered
Granted Roman citizenship
Allowed some to keep their local government
Improved conquered lands; built aqueducts, roads, buildings
Describe the results of the Punic WarsRome wins all three wars; Carthage is destroyed; Rome takes all of their territory
Describe what happened to the social classes in Rome as it became wealthierThe gap b/w the wealthy patricians and the poorer plebeians grew larger. The patricians became more
Explain how the Roman Republic came to an endJulius Cesar won a power struggle b/w him and 2 other generals; he was made ruler for life; patricians
feared his power and wanted to restore the republic, so they assassinated him. Civil war breaks out