October 2011 Van Gogh Newsletter.pub


October 2011 Van Gogh Newsletter.pub
Volume 1, Issue 2
Ancient Rome Study
Van Gogh Newsletter
October 2011
We are studying about Ancient Rome. There are three periods and they are the Age of
the Kings, Age of the Republic, and the Age of the Empire. We have also been studying
about the government and entertainment. For entertainment, the Romans would go to a
Roman bath. In the Roman baths you could use water and olive oil. The Coliseum is a
famous building. It was where people would battle people and animals. The people were
split into two groups. The two groups are the Plebeians and the Patricians. The Twelve
Tables are the laws. The laws were unfair. I like studying about Ancient Rome!
By: Aneesh Cherukuri
My Favorite Work
Test tube is my favorite work. Test Tube is
in the math section. Test Tube is a division
work. There are ones, tens, hundreds, ten
hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, hundred thousand. And then you get a card.
By: Max Fueger
Upcoming Events:
• November 7th: Parent/Teacher Conferences
• Saturday, November 12th: Field Day
• November 17th: New Smyrna Marine Discovery Center OffOff-site
Historical Presentations by the Teachers
Ms. Pratt was Cleopatra.
Mrs. Sienkiewicz pre-
Mrs. Daly presented on
sented on the Colosseum.
the Great Sphinx.
One day, the zoo came to our
school. They showed us invertebrates. They showed millipedes, a
praying mantis, a hissing cockroach, a tarantula, earthworms,
grasshoppers, a scorpion, and a
giant snail. The lady who brought
in the invertebrates was named
Sandy. I had a great time!
Astronomy Study
The solar system gives us life. And that is
why I love it. It took the sun 50 million
years to be made. The sun made Earth.
And then God made us. Someday, I
We are learning about the solar system.
We already learned about Mars, Earth,
Venus, and Mercury. I would like to
learn about Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune,
and Saturn. We also watched a movie on
black holes. We are going to the planetar-
By: Manav Patel
ium at Seminole State College on Thursday. It starts at 9:45 and ends at 11:30
would like to be a scientist and discover
By: Paloma Bouvier
By: Kayla Hom
The Peace Jar
What it does: It makes peace throughout the classroom.
How it works: Someone does something like help them with a work. Then at the
end of the day, the person can give a stone to the person that helped you.
The stones are: orange = joy, red = conflict resolution, blue = tolerance, gold =
inclusiveness, clear = kindness.
What happens when it is all the way full: We get to pick something fun to do.
By: Tanner Balluff
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N e ws l e tt e r Ti t le
Art Class
This month in art class we’re learning how to make different textures. We used a fork, square of cardboard, and the
end of our paintbrush. We also made a fall art collage. We cut out orange, yellow, and red leaves and glued them to
a black piece of paper. The last thing we did so far was water colors. We painted fish or any ocean creatures and our
background. I love art class. It’s so much fun!
By: Olivia Mertin
Partner Work
Well, to get me started, partner day is an opportunity to meet more friends. I think it’s a very great opportunity to have partner
day. The other thing is we need to do the works together. You can’t do a work and someone’s doing another. For example, you
can’t do handwriting while someone’s doing math computation. We do partner day sometimes. We only get partner day if we
work hard the day before or if we worked hard the last partner day. Well, I thought about it and this is what I think. Some people
like partner day and some people don’t. Hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for listening.
By: Ashley Franco
Family Style Lunch
The family style lunch was very fun. I
laughed with my friends. I ate chicken,
mashed potatoes, and corn bread. It was
really good. I got to sit with two of my
friends, Hugo and Divya. Thank you, for
the family style lunch.!
By: Max Thornton
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