the match game


the match game
Emma needs to find
someone to eat lunch
with because it is her
first day at her new
middle school.
Dan, Elena and Jennelle
need to stay on the
tube because it hurts
when they fall into the
Miguel needs a way to
keep his horse calm
while he rides on the
beach that is filled with
a lot of people and
Peter needs a way to get
off the couch and so he
can go do his
Sam, Eddie and Jack
need a way to fix their
broken computer so
they can get on their
Facebook pages.
Eric needs a way to stop
being afraid of dogs so
he can spend time at his
best friend’s house.
Mike needs a way to
stop being mad at his
friend who stole his
Joey and Ben need a way
to design a new layout
for their classroom
because there is not
enough room for
everyone to fit.
Ryan needs a way to
build his muscles so he
can play on the school
basketball team.
Bailey needs to find her
way home because she
ran away and got lost.
Jon needs to find a way
Aidan and Shona need
to get back home
to find a way to get their
because he got lost in
tube that floated away in the woods and can’t find
the pond.
the right trail to get

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