Attendance and Navigation


Attendance and Navigation
School District No. 73 Kamloops
MyEducationBC Teacher Training
 Logging in & Setting Preferences
 Attendance
 Student Demographics
Siobhan Lane
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Log in & Settings
Logging In
1. Go to your URL bar (Control-L on most browsers).
2. Enter the URL by typing the following into your URL bar:
(you can also click on the shortcut on your Linux desktop, or go to the sd73
main page and scroll all the way to the bottom and see a link).
Security note: Always access MyEdBC through the links above. Do not do
a Google Search
You should arrive at this page
3. Click on the link that is written in green about halfway down the page in the
left hand column.
4. Enter your Login ID (your school district email address).
Ex. [email protected]
5. Enter your password (your initial password will be e-mailed to you).
6. You will be asked to change your password. Your new password must be at
least 8 characters and contain at least one of each:
a. uppercase letter
b. lowercase letter
c. number
d. special character (ex. #, $, %)
Security note: Don’t tell your browser to remember your user name and
Note* it is currently necessary to change your password every 6 months for security
reasons. You will receive a message indicating you need to change it when it is
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Setting Preferences
1. Click on Set Preferences at the top right.
Setting General Preferences
2. Change Locale to Canada, change # records on page to 30.
Note: if you have a large number of records on the page also check show
lower page controls.
3. Check or uncheck Warn on Save to meet your personal preference. Click on
4. Click again on Set Preferences at the top right
Setting Security Preferences
Complete the table, do not change the primary email address!
6. You may also check the Security tab and make changes if you wish, such as
putting in your alternate email address or adding a security question for
password retrieval.
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Navigating the Page (s)
1. When navigating within the MyEducationBC environment, use the buttons in
the software to navigate the site.
Do not use the browser navigation buttons.
Make sure to allow “pop-ups” for this site within your browser if this program
is blocked.
3. There are many different types of buttons and tabs. The main ones are:
Top Tabs
Side Tabs
Sub Menus
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Attendance Tutorial
Daily Attendance (Elementary Schools)
1. Click on the Attendance top tab and daily side tab.
2. For morning attendance, make sure the box on the right hand side of the
screen says AM.
For afternoon attendance, make sure the box on the right hand side of the
screen says PM.
3. Click on the A for an absence, L if late (P for present is the default). You do
not put reasons in for their absence. That is done by the office. Any notes
you may receive need to be sent to the office for their records.
4. Click Post (at top left or bottom left) to save your attendance and send it to
the office (you can repost if you have made a mistake or if there is a change).
For more information on this feature click on
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Student Demographics Tutorial
Looking up Student Information
1. Click on Student top tab. All of the students in your class will be displayed.
Note that this page will show the # of records that you chose when setting
your Preferences.
2. To view students that are not on the screen, click the dropdown box and
choose the appropriate page. The list will include several students at various
points in the alphabet.
3. To view student contact information, check the box beside the student name,
then click Contacts side tab.
4. You can also view other information on the student while in this menu, such
as Schedule side tab.
5. Click Student List in the breadcrumb trail to return to the original student
list view
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