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Poser® 7 - Smith Micro Software
Poser® 7
Complete 3D Figure Design and Animation
The Easiest Way to Design with 3D Figures
Harness the power of the human form with Poser 7. Design, pose and animate your figures in 3D.
Create anything from photorealistic renderings to cartoon images, illustration to modern art,
movies or web content.
New and Improved Features
Poser 7 combines 10 years of development with new, high-resolution content and posing
enhancements, more powerful rendering, breakthroughs in realism and animation, significant
workflow improvements and much more.
Artistic Powerhouse
Use faces and figures for your illustrations, design and web-related projects. Replace your live
model or studio mannequin with a virtual 3D model. With easy-to-use controls, the stunning
imagery you create is limited only by your imagination, not a steep learning curve.
•NEW! Talk Designer: automated lip syncing
•NEW! Improved rendering and
increased performance
•NEW! HDRI support for Image Based
Lighting (IBL) and textures
•NEW! Morph target creation: shape body,
face and clothing
•NEW! Multiple undo and redo
•NEW! Non-linear animation
•NEW! Universal poses: one pose works on
many figures
•Dynamic cloth and hair
•Render with different styles: illustration,
anime, comic and photorealistic
•Fine adjustments: add realism by fine-tuning
your poses with parameter dials
•Room-based interface: pose, material,
face, hair, cloth, setup and content rooms
provide all the tools you want
Design using the human form
Incorporate photorealistic figures into your art
3D Figures and Poses
NEW! Lip Syncing
With literally hundreds of
content choices, users can
select male, female, child or
animal figures, props, hair,
clothing and poses to get
great results fast.
Make your favorite Poser figures
speak. Talk Designer creates lip,
head and eye movements to
match your imported sound files.
Custom Faces
Create new faces by photo
mapping, or change facial
features, age and ethnicity of
your character.
Rendering in Any Style
A powerful render engine
creates photorealistic,
sketch, cartoon, silhouette,
and Flash™ renders for
various projects.
NEW! Morphing Tool
Create and combine morph
targets on face, body and
clothing, sculpting with
brush-like tools.
NEW! Non-Linear Animation
Create life-like animations by
combining multiple strands of
action into one fluid animation
using layers. Keyframes
automate between poses.
Visit us online at smithmicro.com
185 Westridge Drive, Watsonville CA 95076 | Telephone: (831) 761-6200 | Fax: (831) 761-6206
•Rich content library
•Walk Designer: easily apply diverse walk
and run styles to your 3D figures
•Easy-to-use animation controls
System Requirements:
Windows Vista, XP or 2000; Mac OS X (10.3 or
higher); 700MHz Pentium class or compatible
(1GHz or faster recommended); 700MHz G4
processor (Intel Core Duo or 1GHz G4 or faster
recommended); 512MB system RAM (768MB
recommended); Open GL enabled graphics
card or chipset recommended (recent NVIDIA
GeForce and ATI Radeon preferred); 24-bit
color display, 1024x768 resolution; 1GB free
hard disk space (4 GB recommended); Internet
connection required for Content Paradise
(www.contentparadise.com); DVD-ROM drive.

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