I&CS Print and apply label applicator Videojet 9550


I&CS Print and apply label applicator Videojet 9550
Videojet® Print & Apply Label Applicatior
Videojet® 9550
The Videojet® 9550, most reliable print and apply
An on-board label database, automatic bar code
labeller, removes end-of-line inefficiencies and
creation by linking data from multiple text fields,
costs in your labelling operations, reduces your
intuitive job selection and powerful diagnostics
need for spare systems and optimises maintenance
all combine to help prevent coding errors and
increase efficiencies.
The Videojet® 9550 applies labels directly onto the
As few as three user touches are needed to select
pack without the need for plant air or an applicator,
a job from the on-board label database and step-
reducing the number of labels being applied
by-step guided entry only allows correct fields to
incorrectly and mangled during application. Direct
be edited. Visual job selection with a preview of
Apply virtually eliminates label jams for mainstream
the final message gives additional assurance that
top or side applications.
the correct job is loaded.
Direct Apply labeling increases performance with
The collapsible mandrel allows for quick label
labeling of up to 150ppm for typical 4”x6” labels,
changeovers and the simple web path enables
regardless of line throughput and pack sizes.
label and ribbon change in less than 60 seconds
Automatic label and web tension detection and
and a small footprint with simple mounting helps
control reduces set-up time and labor.
keep production areas free from clutter.
The design of the Videojet® 9550 increases uptime
The 9550 is designed to make operation simple,
by removing parts that break on other machines
coding mistakes virtually impossible, and increased
as well as eliminating more than 80% of wear parts
productivity achievable.
and mechanical adjustments that can make most
other labelling machines fail.
five most common reasons for downtime: label,
web and ribbon jams, mechanical failures and
mechanical adjustments.
Intelligent Motion™ technology ensures that the
entire machine is automatically controlled with
precision – no slipping clutch, nip rollers or manual
adjustments, increasing productivity on your line.
An electronic supply reel automatically adjusts
and maintains tension irrespective of speed and
label size from the start to the end of the reel. The
Printhead pressure is automatically regulated to
ensure optimum print quality and printhead life
and precise ribbon control to enables a clutch-less
ribbon drive.
A single, integrated, intuitive and error-proof CLARiTY
touchscreen interface sets a new standard for print
& apply labeling machines and makes it easy for
users to check status and select jobs.