Belle Toujours Gatefold - The Handcrafted Card Company


Belle Toujours Gatefold - The Handcrafted Card Company
‘Belle Toujours’
Laser-cut Gatefold
You wil l need:
Our ’Belle Toujours’ laser-cut ‘outer’ in
pearlescent black: Code LC08
A4 cardstock of your choice: ’Enfolio®’
A4 cardstock will end with -C-6 (we do
have other A4 stock in our decorative
card department)
25mm Satin ribbon: We chose Berisfords
Shocking pink Col.72 code RIB27-13
Double sided tape or ATG tape and
applicator gun.
Sharp craft scissors: Code CE37-2
The reaction on Facebook to this design has been amazing
and goes to show, you ‘DIY-ers’ know a thing or two about value for money, as
you can make this stunning gate-fold
invitation for a little over two pounds
and that includes the envelope!
1. Each A4 sheet will make two inserts
so cut two pieces from each sheet sizing
them 13.4cm x 14.9cm then print on your
invitation text (portrait layout.) It’s nice
to pick out the couple’s and the guest/s
name/s in the ribbon colour you’re going
to use (we have LOADS of colours!)
2. Run double sided tape or ATG all
the way round the back of the printed invitation and attach to the central panel of the lovely, lacy
3. Well, nearly finished now! Cut a length of ribbon about 75cm long and tie a big, scrummy bow
around the invitation and, using your sharp scissors, cut the ends to points. You may find that,
with practice, you can tie the bows whilst the ribbon is on the reel. (this will save you ribbon
wastage in the long run!)
Ermmmm.. . amazing value for money, detailed
4. Wow, impressive, beautiful and easy, what more can we say? and gorgeous, a DIY dream, I could go on..
NB. We’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating; always invest in a dedicated pair of
scissors that you just keep for ribbon; lovely crisp edges, no snags! (happy days!)
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