I&CS Thermal Transfer Dataflex to 6320 and 6420


I&CS Thermal Transfer Dataflex to 6320 and 6420
Videojet® Thermal Transfer Printers
DataFlex 6320 and DataFlex 6420 .
Two new Points of Difference (POD’s) that go
beyond TTO technologies and address customers’
broader objectives are the Data Flex 6320 and
6420. They are superior thermal transfer coding
solutions for flexible packaging applications that
DataFlex 6320
• Uptime and Low Cost of Ownership
• Competitive throughput – 250ppm
• Competitive Ribbon Length – 1200m
• Two print widths – 32mm and 55mm
demand high performance, maximum efficiency
and coding flexibility.
With significant growth in flexible packaging
material to replace cans and cartons as a more
cost effective and attractive packaging media
the DataFlex 6320 and 6420 replace pre-printed
packaging with point of packing digital printers
that have low cost of ownership.
The 300 dpi large format printing capability is
perfect for applications where codes include a lot
of data such as recipes or ingredient statements.
The 1200m ribbon is available as standard, and
along with the efficiency of the patented ribbon
drive you are guaranteed maximum on-line
The Data Flex 6320 and 6420 helps prevent coding
mistakes and makes sure the right codes print
on the right products and achieve more coded
products between ribbon changes.
Data Flex 6320 and 6420 minimize the frequency
and duration of planned and unplanned downtime.
They focus more on production and less on user
interaction and maintenance with simple and
intuitive operator interfaces that reduce operator
interaction to a minimum.
The print speeds ensure the majority of application
needs can be met including OEM accounts, GSAKey Accounts and customers with small code at
moderate to high speeds to larger codes at slower
They include an IP DF+ option that supports
washdown applications.
DataFlex 6420
• Maximum performance
• Proven technology
• Competitive throughput – 400ppm
• Competitive Ribbon Length – 1200m
• Two print widths – 55mm and 107mm