Accessorize in style! e fre


Accessorize in style! e fre
The Corker Bow
Assorted ribbons, narrow-width
Fabric stiffener
Three 1/4˝ dowel rods
Needle and Thread
Hair clip
Binder clips
Hot glue gun
1. Tightly wrap
ribbon around
dowel rods
and secure
with clamps at
both ends.
The Four-Layer Loopy Bow
Two lengths of 3/8˝ wide ribbon, each 30˝ long
Two lengths of 5/8˝ ribbon for spray, each 7˝ long
Length of 1 ½˝ wide ribbon, 30˝ long
Length of 1 ½˝ wide ribbon, 29˝ long
One length of 5/8˝ ribbon, 30˝ long
1. Using a 30˝ length of 1 ½˝ wide
ribbon, make a wide figure 8.
2. Using paintbrush, apply fabric stiffener and
thoroughly coat ribbon. Let dry overnight.
3. Once dry, gently remove ribbon from the dowel
rods and cut to desired length. Ours were 6˝ long.
One length of 7/8˝ ribbon for spray, 7˝ long
Hair clip
Fray Check
Needle and thread
Hot glue gun
2. Bring ends of loop
to center, as shown,
and weave needle and
thread through center
and cinch together.
Wrap thread around
center and tie off in
back of bow.
3. Make loops as
shown with other 30˝
length of 3/8˝ and 5/8˝
ribbon, placing one
ribbon atop the other.
Form a cloverleaf shape
and make sure loops
are even, then hot glue
ribbon layers together.
5. Glue bow to hair clip. Trim curls as needed, and
fluff bow.
Give Me More Of Those!
An easy, how-to guide to making
5 designer hair bows . . .
4. With a 29˝
length of 1 ½˝
wide ribbon, make
a narrow Figure 8.
Bring in the ends,
weave the needle
through and cinch
together. Wrap
thread around and tie off.
5. Place the wider
7” ribbon on
bottom, then make
an “X” on top with
the two narrow
7˝ ribbons. Tack
together in center.
4. Criss-cross the cut curls (as shown) and secure
in the center with thread.
in style!
6. Layer the ribbons
and arrange as
desired on top of the
ribbon spray. Wrap a
French knot around all
the layers and glue in
back. Attach hair clip.
Trim ends and apply
Fray Check.
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Fabric - 357814
These are
not your
hair bows!
The Pinwheel
The Triple Stack
The Three-Tiered Bow
Ribbon (approximately 2 yards)
Hair clip
Jewelry wire (approximately 9˝)
Fray Check
Adhesive tape runner
Hot glue gun
Three different patterns of ribbon,
approximately 1 ½˝ wide each
Hair Clip
Fray Check
Needle and thread
Hot glue gun
1˝ wide satin ribbon
½” wide satin ribbon
1˝ wide grosgrain ribbon
Hair clip
1. Cut off a 10˝ length of ribbon and set aside. Cut
remaining ribbon in half, then adhere these two
pieces back to back. Trim ends with a “V” shape
and apply Fray Check.
2. Loop
ribbon length
around hand
with ends
pointing in
as shown.
3. Lay flat, taking care not to move loops.
Pinch the center of loops to create a gather.
4. Wrap gathered center with jewelry wire to
secure loops.
5. To create french knot, see steps 6-8 of
Three-Tiered Bow.
6. Hot glue knot in center, covering the wire, and
wrap ends to back. Also secure hair clip to the back
of bow with glue.
Fray Check
Needle and thread
Hot glue gun
1. For the bottom tier, cut two different 7/8˝
ribbons 32˝ long. Lay ribbon as shown, pattern
side out, and make two loops.
2. Repeat, making 2 loops on each side. Use
needle and thread and sew through the center, as
shown, to secure all loops.
3. For the middle
tier, repeat Steps
1 and 2, but cut
ribbon 20˝ long and
make 4 total loops.
Repeat for the top
tier, using ½˝ and
1˝ wide ribbon cut
25˝ long and make 6
total loops.
5. To make the
tails, cut six pieces
of ribbon 7˝ long.
Criss-cross ribbons,
as pictured, and
sew to secure.
Layer behind bow
and secure to
bottom tier of bow.
1. To apply adhesive to back of ribbon, cut two
pieces from each ribbon pattern each 19˝ long.
Run one 19˝ piece through the Xyron®, then
adhere to the matching length.
2. For each pattern of ribbon, make a Figure
8 as shown, leaving 2˝ of ribbon free on
one end.
3. Carefully pinch center and weave needle and thread
in and out of the layers to secure the loops.
4. Stack each
tier, sewing
middle tier to
bottom tier,
then top tier
to middle to
4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with other two
ribbon patterns. Stack ribbon layers as
desired and tack together.
5. Wrap French knot around center and glue in
back. Adhere hair clip to back. Trim ends and apply
Fray Check.
6. To make the French knot, cut
a piece of ribbon approximately
10˝ long and loop as shown.
7. Tuck one end through the
loop and gently pull.
8. Rotate the ends closest to
knot to smooth. Wrap around
bow and glue. Attach hair clip,
trim ends, and apply Fray Check.