Buddy Line Update - Navy Divers Association


Buddy Line Update - Navy Divers Association
Newsletter of Fraternal Order of Underwater Swim School, Key West, Florida
Special Edition March 2015
This update issue contains the information you
need to get ready for the 2015 reunion of
FO/UWSS at the Naval Support Activity,
Panama City Beach from May 14th to May 17th.
Accommodations: You can make lodging
reservations for the reunion directly with the Navy
Gateway Inn now. Our old friend, Ann Sawyer, was
summoned to clear the road blocks and we have
rooms and suites blocked for the reunion in both
the 484 building and the 349 building. The suites in
building 484 have one queen bed and a sofa
sleeper to sleep 4 max. The rate is $55 All other
rooms, $48, and suites, $50, have one queen bed
and accommodate 2 people max.
To make lodging reservations at the Navy
Gateway Inn for the UWSS reunion, call Sonia
Douglas at (850)234-4230. Tell her you are with
the Underwater Swimmer's School Reunion and
reference the 14-17 MAY 2015 dates. Be ready to
provide the following information: first & last name,
rank, active/retired/sponsored, how many in party,
last 4 of social, phone number, credit card number,
expiration date, and billing address.
Campground reservations for campsites or cabins
can be made at 850-234-4402/1000-1600. The
Marina also has cabins and can accommodate
campers. For details and/or reservations, contact
Gary Smith Phone 850-234-4091 FAX 850-2307115 email [email protected]
You’ll find the schedule of events and directions
to help you find your way to and around the base
on page 2. Meals included in your reunion package
are Thursday evening cookout, Friday evening
barbeque, Saturday morning
Saturday evening banquet
Logo gear sales will be available at the reunion for
a reduced price because the shipping costs are
saved. You can purchase logo gear at the
Icebreaker/cookout and at the barbeque.
At the business meeting we will chose the location
of the next reunion and the officers who will guide
the organization for the next two years. All three
current officers are retiring this year. Bob Holmes
has served 9 years, first as VP, then as president,
and Gerry Flowers has served 8 years as vice
president. Don Stone has served continuously
since the organization was formed15 years ago, 6
years as president followed by 9 years as
The future of the organization depends on how
carefully you choose your new officers. Talk about
this at the activities before the business meeting
and come prepared with wise suggestions.
Another reunion registration form is included with
this update. When filling out the registration form be
sure to circle your entrée choices and enter
preferred name on badge. New members should
fill out the membership application form on the
Mail your registration form and check early to save
the late fee and to help the reunion committee
prepare for your attendance. If you have already
registered, thank you for registering early. Don’t
forget to bring memorabilia and photos to share.
Have questions? Contact reunion chairman,
Aaron Farrier, at 850-240-7417.
FO/UWSS Reunion 2015 - Panama City Beach
to Naval Support Activity
Panama City Beach
Approaching from the east on US 98:
 Cross Hathaway Bridge to Panama City Beach,
stay in left lane
 Left turn at the second traffic light
 Follow sign for Thomas Drive, NSA, Bay Point
Approaching from the west on US 98:
 Take US 98 to Panama City Beach
 Do not cross Hathaway Bridge
 Take a right and follow sign to Thomas Drive,
NSA Main Gate, Bay Point
 Then left at traffic light and follow sign to
Thomas Drive, NSA Main Gate
 Turn right onto Thomas Drive
Once on Thomas Drive:
 Left at second traffic light, Coastal Palms Blvd.
 Proceed to gate – give name, show ID, etc. (gate
will have list of registered reunion attendees)
Schedule of Events
Thursday May 14
Out of town guest check in after 1500
at Navy Gateway Inn & Suites, Bldg 484
Members check in for reunion, pick up
ID’s, etc. at Main Deck Club located
behind Bldg 349 on Solomon Drive
UWSS Logo Store Opens
Main Deck Club – Limited
complimentary bar for registered
reunion attendees only
1800-2100 Main Deck Club - Ice Breaker Cookout –
Burgers and Dogs
Bring photos to share
Friday May 15
0930-1200 Tours –schedule TBD
Lunch – on your own
Main Deck Club – Limited
complimentary bar for registered
reunion attendees only
UWSS Logo Store Opens
1800-2100 Main Deck Club – Barbeque
Saturday May 16
Lodging registration for out of town guests
 After gate , bear right on Vernon Ave.
 Left on Skylark Drive. Pass Bldg. 485
(Seashore General Mess)
 Proceed to Bldg. 484 for lodging check in at the
Navy Gateway Inn and Suites
 Return to Vernon Ave.
Reunion check-in site:
 Left on Vernon Ave. to blinking stop sign
 Left on Solomon Drive to
Navy Gateway Inn and Suites, Bldg. 349
 Main Deck Club directly behind
Navy Gateway Inn and Suites (old BOQ)
Long Glass Club
 Crag Road
0730-0900 Breakfast at Seashore General Mess
0930-1200 Business Meeting – Main Deck
1200-1800 Lunch on your own
Visit beautiful Panama City Beach
Visit the Man in the Sea Museum –
Back Beach Rd/Hwy 98
1800-2200 Banquet - Long Glass Club – Liberty
Center, Crag Road on base map
Limited complimentary bar
Guest Speakers TBA
Sunday May 17 Safe Travels
FO/UWSS Reunion 2015 Registration
Member Name __________________________________________________ $120.00
Registration due prior to April 14th
Late registration (after April 14th)
$ ___________
Includes: Thursday Icebreaker Cookout, Friday BBQ, Saturday
Breakfast @ Base Galley and Banquet at Long Glass; also
Membership Dues for 2015-2017.
*Circle banquet entrée selection: (Grilled Steak or Grilled Chicken)
Preferred name on badge_____________________________________
Wife/Guest Name ____________________________________________________ $95.00
Registration due prior to April 14th
Late registration (after April 14th)
$ _________
Includes: Thursday Icebreaker Cookout, Friday BBQ, Saturday
Breakfast @ Base Galley and Banquet at Long Glass
*Circle banquet entrée selection: (Grilled Steak or Grilled Chicken)
Preferred name on badge_____________________________________
Make checks for registration payable to Don Stone, Treasurer
Mail forms and checks to:
Total: $___________
Don Stone
1440 SW 5 Ave.
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Phone 561-391-6727
Registration Information
(required by base security)
Name of member ______________________________________________________________________________
Do you hold a valid active duty or retired military ID or other US Government photo ID _________________________
Address of member __________________________________________________________________________
Phone #__________________Cell Ph__________________Email ____________________________________
Name of other room occupant(s) if staying on base ________________________________________________
Check in date __________________________________ Departure date _____ __________________________
NEW MEMBERS Please fill in New Member Application on back side.
FOR GATE ENTRY – EVERY PERSON entering the base must have some type of government photo ID (can be a
driver’s license). Person driving vehicle must have valid driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.
OR RENTAL CAR – place rental agreement on dash. Name on rental contract must match driver or other vehicle
New Member Application
Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School
Full Name:____________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip_________________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number::__________________ Cell Phone _________________ Wife’s Name: _______________________
E-mail:___________________________________________________Newsletter by email_____or snail mail_____
Branch of Service:__________________________________Dates of Service:______________________________
Military scuba training or staff place/date:____________________________________________________________
Bring copy of class picture if you have one.
2 Year Membership of $25.00 is included in reunion registration fee.
Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School
Buddy Line Newsletter
1440 SW 5 Avenue
Boca Raton, FL 33432

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