1 Michael A. L. Balboni



1 Michael A. L. Balboni
Michael A. L. Balboni
RedLand Strategies Inc.
519 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10018
February 2009 - Present
Former New York State Senator and Deputy Secretary of Public Safety under two New York State
Governors, Michael Balboni is the President and Managing Director of RedLand Strategies, a consulting
firm, based in New York City, that provides the expertise, experience and contacts necessary to help
companies and government agencies position themselves to get through a crisis, improve business
performance and maximize growth. RedLand’s suite of services include crisis management, disaster
recovery, strategic communication, emergency planning, intelligence interpretation, business
development, political guidance and risk management.
The former Senator specializes in providing extensive experience in a broad range of homeland security
and government relation’s issues. Through strong relationships with key decision makers inside the
Department of Homeland Security and with lawmakers and their senior staff, Senator Balboni is able to
get the right person for the right meeting with clients, both domestic and international. He sits at the
intersection of government relations, crisis management, media strategy and homeland security.
Michael Balboni provides advice for companies including but not limited to Oracle, Raytheon, CSX
Transportation, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, 3VR Security, FJC Security, MSA Security as well as the
County of Nassau, the Town of North Hempstead and the City of Long Beach. In addition, he advises
several municipalities on matters ranging from emergency management to mass fatality planning and
crime lab operations.
New York State Deputy Secretary for Public Safety
January 2007 – January 2009
Appointed Deputy Secretary for Public Safety in January 2007. In this role, the Senator was the Senior
Homeland Security and Law Enforcement official for the State of New York. The Public Safety
Directorate is comprised of thirteen state agencies including the Office of Homeland Security, Division of
State Police, Division of Military and Naval Affairs and the State Emergency Management Office and has
over sixty thousand employees and a budget of close to four billion dollars. During the past twenty
months, several innovative programs have been created which were the first of their kind in the nation.
These include “New York Alert”, a multimedia, cyber-based emergency notification system which
currently has 1.5 million subscribers, “CI-SAR”, which overlays suspicious activity tip information upon
critical infrastructure to provide threat context and trend analysis capability, and “Empire Shield
Reconfiguration” that redeploys National Guard units so as to form a rapid response and a “surge” patrol
capability for the region’s airports, train terminals, tunnels, bridges and nuclear power plants. He has
received training and briefings on protecting critical infrastructure. He has used this information while
serving as the security chair for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, in which assisted and
advised on the security for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center.
As Secretary, Michael Balboni worked extensively with nuclear, radiological, and critical infrastructure
protection. He was the Governor’s representative to the “Secure the City” program to create a ringed
defense of nuclear and radiological detection systems around New York City. He also was continuously
briefed on the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative, (LMSI), which deployed hundreds of CTV cameras,
plate readers and coordinated traffic barriers to provide in-depth situational awareness for that critical part
of the city.
Senator Balboni was also designated as the nuclear notification officer for the Governor’s office. In this
role, the Secretary regularly received information regarding the operational status and alert notifications
from the four nuclear power facilities in New York State, as well as met with officials from the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission in Washington. Lastly, in the fall of 2008, the Secretary traveled to the
Department of Homeland Securities School for nuclear and radiological training in Nevada where he
received briefings and tours of the cutting edge detection and assessment technology.
New York State Senate
December 1997 – December 2006
Senator Balboni represented the seventh Senate District, located in Nassau County, and was named
Chairman of the Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs. It was in this role that
Senator Balboni led the enactment of nearly every anti-terrorism law in New York State, including the
first chemical plant security law in the nation, the criminalization of acts of biological and chemical
terrorism, water plant security, pet sheltering laws for disasters, and created the Office of Homeland
Additional Appointments
In 2003, The Senator became the Co-chairman of the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Task
Force for Protecting Democracy and Homeland Security.
In 2004, He was appointed by then-federal Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge to a national task
force that examined the flow of homeland security dollars from the federal government to local
In 2005, Balboni was named a Senior Fellow of the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George
Washington University and was appointed co-chairman of the Executive Task Force on Homeland
Security of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).
In 2006, Senator Balboni was appointed to the State and Local Officials Senior Advisory Committee
(SLSAC) of the United States Homeland Security Advisory Council. In that role, which requires a
national security clearance, he helped to leverage the ingenuity and expertise of state, local and tribal
leaders to provide federal Advisory Council members with the best possible advice on a range of
homeland security issues. In addition, in this same year, he was also appointed a member of the Board of
Advisors of the Homeland Security Management Institute of Long Island University.
In 2007, the Senator served in the security chair for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, in
which he acted as a liaison to the Port Authority and the New York City Police Department and assisting
in the security plans for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center.
In 2008, Senator Balboni was appointed to the “Quadrennial” Homeland Security Review Advisory
Committee of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Later that year, President Obama selected
Senator Balboni to serve as an outside Advisor to the Homeland Security Transition team.
In 2008, Senator Balboni was appointed Outside Advisor to the Transition Team for Homeland Security
by President-Elect Obama.
In 2010, Senator Balboni was appointed to the Homeland Security and Public safety Transition team for
Governor-Elect Cuomo.
In 2011, Senator Balboni was appointed by Governor Cuomo to the SAGE Commission, (Savings and
Government Efficiency), and charged with helping to realign the state’s emergency response.
Media Appearances
Senator Balboni is a consultant on terrorism issues for FOX National, NBC National and Local, ABC
News and News 12 Long Island. He is an also a frequent contributor to the Op-Ed page of Newsday.

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