™ For MILITARY & HOMELAND SECURITY P a g e | 2 I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.
Thomas Paine
Welcome to Throughout history advertising has been affected by evolving cultural and technological advances. The advents of Newspapers, Radio and Television have made it possible for advertisers to reach millions of people around the world. In 2010 a maverick entrepreneur David Bard, set out on a mission to recast the relationship between advertiser and consumer. The creation of GimmeIT is David's visionary contribution-­‐
the advertiser and consumer's liaison. GimmeIT was created from the depth of his fertile imagination and ushers forth a new and robust era for advertising. How? By reimagining and enhancing revenue opportunities for businesses like never before and supplying a direct and unique purchasing experience for consumers. David's sole mission for GimmeIT is to provide a multiplex of revenue opportunities, while adding a heightened buying experience through GimmeIT's easy to use proprietary technology. ©2015 GimmeIT P a g e | 3 !
TECHNOLOGY FOR HOMELAND & THE BATTLEFIELD It’s not just the soldiers who in take a front line position defense of our freedoms, it’s the people who stand b ehind them. God Bless America. From privates to Four Star Generals, the men and women of our armed services deserve
access to the best equipment and resource available, and GimmeIT is proud to offer leading edge
technology to provide America’s finest with the tools they need to ebnsure our national security
interest around the world.
The role of modern soldiers is not simply about carrying a rifle or manning a post. It’s
about protecting intellectual property, energy resources, technology and most importantly lives.
The US military is arguably the most advanced fighting force in the world, but the systems and
protocols in place to reinforce the assets deployed around the world are antiquated and expensive.
GimmeIT will provide improved acquisition tools for military and law enforcement around the
world. Among the goals of improved resource acquisition is reduced cost, improved inventory
management and concentrated focus. Less time spent searching for the necessary tools is more
time spent in support of those whose lives are at risk. GimmeIT advanced security algorithms are
being specially configured to not only comply with DOD regulations, but also establish possible
new benchmarks for field operations over wide area networks.
©2015 GimmeIT P a g e | 4 Benefits What are some of the benefits of using GimmeIT technology for Homeland & Deployment.
Security and Combat: •
Advanced education and diagnosis
Improved patient communication
Increased access to treatment resources
Enhanced continuity and assessment safeguards
Less time spent conducting administrative duties
Shared resources
Reduction of time constraints during regular office visits
Improved care resulting in possible reduction in chronic reoccurrence
©2015 GimmeIT P a g e | 5 Requisition Reform:
Standard government requisition protocols are proven outdated and costly
Improved access to specific information and resources will reduce lead time and cost
More than 40% of daily requisitions are for non-classified items
Field requisition for battle-critical items can be expedited with simplified process
1% reduction in overall US military requisition costs is equal to approx. $3.4B
Improved security and monitoring
Improved supplier and contractor resource {inventory} management
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