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Niles Township Government
Niles Township
Volume 1, Issue 2
March/April 2015
Inside this issue:
From Supervisor Marilyn D. Glazer
February 1st proved to
be an interesting challenge for those living in
the Chicago area.
Super Bowl Sunday
found the area under
blizzard conditions.
We had to make a decision about opening the
Township and the Food
Pantry the next day.
Since we could not be
sure that our lot would
be plowed in time for
our usual opening time,
and we did not wish
our staff or clients to
risk life and limb, we
decided to close on
Thanks to our wonderful staff, we were able
to change the voicemail
messages on our telephones to alert clients
to our closed status.
Should an emergency
of this nature arise
again, please check our
voicemail message BEFORE heading to the
our voicemail message
before heading out.
Compliments to the
Village of Skokie for
their snow-removal
skills that got everything up and running
by the next day.
All-Purpose Room
Scholarships Awarded
Scholarship Winners
Save the Dates
Medical Lending Closet
Food Pantry
Contact Information
We hope that we don’t
have too many such
To those who may have
been inconvenienced
by our closing, we do
When in doubt, check
Township Annual Meeting and Rededicated
emergencies but if we do we are prepared.
In conjunction with our Annual Meeting, we are pleased to announce that
our new all-purpose room will be rededicated on April 14, and named for our
late Supervisor Lee Tamraz. The room is available for clubs, groups, and associations to hold meetings. The space is a large room, handicap accessible,
and designed to accommodate multi-media presentations.
Niles Township Government
Page 2
The Tamraz All-Purpose Room
There is a full-sized
refrigerator and sink
for refreshments. Approximately 50 people
can be seated in a
classroom style setting
or tables can be used to
seat up to 30 people in
Choir groups, (there is
a piano available),
church or synagogue
clubs, garden clubs,
and a Model United
Nations Program
(MUN) round out the
list of current monthly
The space can be used
free of charge and reserved Monday through
Friday, 9:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m.
hours can be requested
and all attempts will be
made to accommodate.
Please call (847) 6739300 and ask for Kitty,
Rick or Lauren to tour
or book the space for
your event.
Scholarships Awarded
For the first time, Niles Township Government awarded scholarships for Oakton Community College students
who were graduates of Niles Township High Schools.
The recipients each received $1500 to help offset the cost of tuition. All had an above average grade-point
We look forward to this partnership with Niles Township High Schools and Oakton Community College to be
Applications for the scholarships are available through Oakton Community College.
Chamoun David is a 2014
graduate of Niles North
High School.
A talented mechanic (even
in high school) Chamoun
volunteers in his uncle’s
mechanic show. It was this
experience that helped him
solidify his decision to earn
his Mechanics Apprenticeship Certificate, as well as
his Bachelor’s Degree.
Minhaj Haji is a 2014
graduate of Niles West
High School and plans to
attend the University of
Illinois at UrbanaChampaign to study engineering after he completes
his studies at Oakton
Community College. Minhaj is currently enrolled in
the Accounting Associates
Degree Program at OCC.
Velson Youkhanneh
Also attended Niles West
High School. Currently
enrolled in the Heating and
Air Conditioning Associates Degree Program, Velson is looking forward to
graduating and is appreciative that he can now focus
on his education instead of
his lack of money for his
studies and thanks the
Niles Township. Government for the scholarship.
Volume 1, Issue 2
Page 3
June 19th will be the first FREE
HEALTH FAIR sponsored by
Niles Township Government.
The Health Fair will be from 10
a.m. to 2 P.M. and will be open
to all Niles Township residents.
Kids Bike Safety Rodeo
Saturday, June 13
9 a.m.—noon
All bikes welcome
Helmets required for all
Shredding will again be
offered on two dates for
Township Residents.
May 16
Oct. 10
Noon to 2 p.m.
Watch for details on our
homepage or on Facebook.
Additional information
available from the Township Assessor’s Office
after May 1, 2015.
Do you have medical equipment
that you would be willing to lend
to another person?
If so, you can register the equipment with the Township.
We will match up those who
have equipment to lend with
those who need equipment.
When there is a need for the
equipment, we would call you
to see if you would still be
willing to lend the equipment
and then put you in touch with
the person who needs the
Call us for more details.
Food Pantry
The Niles Township Food Pantry served over 4400 people
during November and December
during their holiday distribution.
We thank everyone in the community who helped with the
distribution or with funds that
enabled us to meet this extraordinary need..
The Niles Township
Food Pantry Foundation
was established as a
501C-3 Corporation in
order to accept taxdeductible contributions
from those interested in
helping the pantry.
Your contribution goes
to buy food.
We can buy food for
much less than going to
the grocery store so
your monetary donation
goes further.
We are selling notecards
at $5 each or 3 for $12
if you’d like to promote
the food pantry while
Services that we Offer
Niles Township Government
5255 Main
Skokie, IL. 60077
Phone: 673-9300
Fax: 847-673-2981
General Assistance - basic living expenses
for unemployed or disabled
Access to Care –A medical assistance program in Cook County
Temporary handicap placards
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Voter registration/ Notary public service
Passport agency
Community Room for meetings, rehearsals,
Supervisor Marilyn D. Glazer
Clerk Charles Levy
Assessor Scott Bagnall
Mark Collins
Donald Gelfund
Tony Lundin
Janice Cichowlas
Food Pantry
Coast2Coast Rx Card, a FREE prescription
drug card
Legal assistance for seniors (62 years of age
or older)
Assessor's Office - property-tax advocate.
Scholarships: Day care/Day Camp/College
Grants to Charities that serve the community
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