April 2015 Quest


April 2015 Quest
April Quest
April 2015
The North Universalist Chapel Society
Woodstock • Vermont
Affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association
Inside this issue:
April Birthdays & Anniversaries
Treasurer’s Report
From Our Board
Church Notices
Church Initiatives
Change the World Kids
Amazing Grays
Spiritual Interconnections
Music in Our Sanctuary
Church Committee &
Group Meetings
Ongoing Activities
April Worship
Children’s Chapel
North Universalist
Chapel Society
7 Church Street
Woodstock, VT 05091
Rev. Daniel Jantos, Minister
[email protected]
Diane Mellinger, Music Director
[email protected]
Agata & Radek Marzec, Sextons
457-4549/802-280-5617 (cell)
[email protected]
Church Office Hours:
Geraldine Fowler, Office Manager
Tue, Thur 10:30 AM—4:30 PM
Fri 2:00pm to 5:00pm
[email protected]
ometimes the anticipation of some-
thing can be either its worst or its best
feature. That may not be true of a visit
to the dentist’s office. But it may be true
of scrubbing the shower. Once we get
started, it’s actually not so bad. We roll
up our sleeves, turn up the music, and
soon it’s done….shiny clean…..until the
next time, of course.
I am tempted to think it is a little bit that
way with responding to climate change. It
may seem like addressing this issue is so
big and requires so much that we don’t
know where to start or whether we can
actually do anything meaningful about it.
But we know that something has to be
done and waiting for someone else to do
it is not an option.
Lets get started. Once we start, we will
find our way and we will have a deep
sense of satisfaction in what we do. Keep
in mind, a lot is happening already so
rather than saying, “lets get started,” we
should really say, “lets join in”.
What exactly is it that is being
engendered here? Well, for sure it is not
fixing the entire problem or finding some
April 2015
Page 2
magic bullet that solves the global crisis. It is first of all being intentional about the fact that coming together as a spiritual community must always be an act of abatement: we contribute something to the solution and not the problem. That means some resolve, being honest and being creative. It also means putting all
self-righteousness and preaching aside.
The Sunday service on April 19th will be devoted to Earth Day.
The North Chapel’s response to climate change will be the topic
that day. It’s not the beginning of a new, bold, and big set of programs. Rather, it is the kindling of a united intention to work joyfully together in the North Chapel and support each other in lessening our carbon footprint. Come see what is already in the
works. This is not a program that will last for a month or two or a
year. This is the ushering in of an era to which we have often
been reluctant to adapt. This will be a step in the long process of
adaptation because adaptation is life.
Please take some time in the interim to each do some of our own
soul work so our solidarity on this issue can be infused with good
Children’s RE March 8th 2015. Making “Happiness Jars”
See page 15 for more information on our RE Program.
Page 3
April 2015
April Birthdays
Treasurer’s Report
YTD (02/28/15)
Peggy Kannenstine
Janice Prindle
Lauren Wilder
Jeff Morris
Hugh Hermann
Claire Coates
Anna Rosa Leon
Nancy Griffin
Scottie Taylor
Kyle Landis-Marinello
Alli Talbert Bradley
Mundy Wilson
Joanna Long
Alex Peterson
Robert & Darsie Riccio
George Sykes & Jayne Buckley-Sykes
Many Happy Diners
Thank you to all who helped
offer lunch to the Woodstock
town's people on February
There were many complements on the delicious food.
Our church is convenient and
our service is speedy!
It works well for all. Our
profit was $451. Thank you.
Church Building
$ 9,043
Minister’s Package
Resource Dev.
Balance <$4,179>
Ann Wynia 457-2217
April 2015
Page 4
From Our Board
It was with great pleasure that we as a board welcomed Daniel
back for his final four months as minister here at the North
Chapel, when we gathered for our February board meeting.
Daniel reviewed the several projects the board had presented to
him as priorities for the coming months. One is for him to engage
with the group that has been exploring pastoral or community
care. Daniel reported that this group has considered reinstating
at least two covenant groups, as a way to help people connect to
church networks and come together on a deeper level. Also, the
elders’ circle and the contemplative practices were cited as additional ways to deepen our connections with one another.
The board also asked Daniel to help discern the best way for the
North Chapel to respond to climate change. Daniel suggested
that this could be accomplished through cooperation with existing
groups, such as Sustainable Woodstock, Change the World Kids,
and the Ottauquechee Community Partnership, as well drawing on
our church community resources. Also on Daniel’s plate is the
construction of the roof for the pizza oven. Daniel wants to invite anyone in the community to help him. So, when the snow
melts (will it ever?!), grab your hammers and get ready to join in!
The Resource Committee, with Karen Wolk stepping up as chair,
has reached out to the board to request a joint meeting for the
purpose of exploring some creative ways of raising funds for the
church. This important conversation will take place later this
spring, so please stay tuned for how you might be able to help.
Over the last few months, the board, with support from the
planning committee, has been putting in place the organization
structure that will help the North Chapel make progress toward
the objectives that emerged from last fall’s planning process. We
have created one task force and two committees. The Facilitating
Our Future Task Force will co-chaired by board members Chris
Bartlett and Anne Dean, with support from Jack Nelson, who
chairs the Building and Grounds Committee. Other committee
April 2015
Page 5
members are Barbara Bartlett, Veronica Delay, and Michael
Stoner. This task force will assess what can be done to achieve
our commitment to make the building carbon neutral and to
make the physical space more reflective of our community aims
to broaden our reach and to deepen our connections.
In addition, we have formed the Welcoming and Engagement
Committee, which will be co-chaired by Barbara Bartlett and
Rick Fiske. Plus, planning committee members, Peg Brightman,
Brooke Beaird, and Peggy Kannenstine, are organizing a group of
parents and teachers to form a Children and Youth Education and
Engagement Committee. If you would be interested in serving on
one of these committees, any of these leaders would be delighted to hear from you.
A final note—as you can tell, it’s been a busy month!—the
committees have decided to hold the Committee Cafe every
other month on the first Tuesday, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the
social hall. This gathering provides an opportunity for thoughtful
exchange and collaboration among board members and
committee members. All from the North Chapel are invited to
attend the Committee Café, so that you, too, can join in this
dialogue. The next Committee Café is on May 5.
As we continue our forward momentum, we invite everyone’s
engagement in this process. Please let any one of us know if you
would like to be more a part of this exciting transition time of
celebrating, broadening, deepening and committing to our future
here at the North Chapel.
Anne Dean for our North Chapel Board: Chris Bartlett, Susan
Inui, Denise Lyons, Anne Macksoud, Anne Marinello, Elizabeth
Reaves, Deb Rice and Ann Wynia.
Board Meetings
Please note that monthly board meetings will now
take place on the THIRD Tuesday of every month at
5pm in the Library.
April 2015
Page 6
Church Notices
Easter Sunday Flowers
On April 5th the church will be filled with beautiful colors and the
smell of Spring. The window sills and the altar will hold tulips
and lilies and plants for our children to carry home.
The children have been honored in this way since the 1940s when
the Social Group started the tradition. We will gratefully accept
donations towards the flowers in memory or honor of your loved
ones. The names will be included in the order of service on Easter
Sunday. Thank you for your support. Ann Wynia at [email protected] , 457-2217 or I'll will be in church.
"New Member" Meeting: Save the dates!
On Sundays after the service on April 26, May 3 and May 17 there
will be meetings for new members, although they are not restricted
to members. Anyone is welcome.
For one, Daniel will speak on some topic of theology. Another will
center on the history of Woodstock's North Chapel and for the third,
a representative from each committee will present what the duties
of each group are.
Lunch will be provided.
Photo Directory
The North Chapel Photo Directory is now available. You can pick up
your free copy at the back of the sanctuary on Sunday or in the office during the week.
Food Shelf Donations
"With gratitude and reverence for all life, we savor food mindful of
all that has contributed to it. We commit ourselves to a more
equitable sharing of the earth's bounty," says the UUA.
Mindful of those who are food challenged we ask for your
contributions to the Woodstock Food Shelf. Please contribute next
Sunday with food or to the offering plate with a check to the
Woodstock Food Shelf. We do make a difference. Thanks for your
April 2015
Page 7
Ralph Waldo Emerson: A Unitarian Connects
Religion, Nature and Social Justice
Daniel Jantos and Lynn Peterson are leading a course of study on
Sunday evenings from 4 to 6 pm in the church library on Ralph
Waldo Emerson.
Emerson was an incredibly popular figure in 19th century America
who appreciated a deep connection between religion or spirituality
and practical issues facing rapidly growing American democracy.
His insights on the basis of these matters are profoundly relevant
for today.
For those signed up, please save these dates:
 March 22 Emerson’s Life and Influence—Completed!
 April 12 Nature
 April 19 The Divinity School Address
 April 26 Transcendentalism and Slavery
 May 17
Relevance to Unitarian Universalism and
The Woodstock Winter Farmers Market
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Vendors are selling produce, eggs, gluten
free and regular bread, baked goods, soups, quiches, pies,
goats milk products, chickens, syrup,
preserves, jams, jellies, jewelry, stained
glass, handmade clothing, bath products,
knitted items, stuffed animals, cards,
cut paper art and much more!
Dates: Apr 18, 2015
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
Place: The Masonic Hall, Pleasant Street
/RT 4, Woodstock, VT
For more information please contact
Anne Dean 457-3889
April 2015
Page 8
Greetings from the Interim Search Committee!
We are honored and excited to be engaged in the process of finding
an Interim Minister for the North Chapel as we all prepare for Daniel’s departure this summer.
As previously reported, we had a recent meeting with North Chapel
board members to discuss key parts of the thorough application
packet that we are preparing to submit to the Transitions Office of
the UUA.
Since then, we have been working to gather the last bits of required
information and to synthesize a description of our community and
what our goals and needs will be during an interim ministry period.
The background reading we have done on the topic has helped to
illuminate why the interim period is so necessary and beneficial.
We hope to find a candidate who can help us to process and indeed
mourn Daniel’s departure, who can connect genuinely with our
community and build on our many strengths, and who can best
prepare our church to build a successful relationship with a new
settled minister when that time comes.
We will keep you posted on any key developments. And of course,
please feel free to share your ideas and questions with us any time!
Thank you for all the support.
Sincerely from the Interim Search Committee
Jessica Stout, Don Ransom, Kathy Astemborski
Committee Cafe Helpers
Calling all non committee members who would like to support our
hard working teams on "Committee Cafe" night (once every 2
months). We would provide a sweet or savory offering for about 20
people to enjoy as they commune about achieving the goals we have
set for our church family. Contact me by email or phone and I will
shoot out a request a week before the meeting (next one is May 5). If
needed, I can transport your dish to the church.
Every 2 months, how hard is that for their combined and committed
intellect? Polly Forcier [email protected] 295-8081
PS. Let's get a good response.
April 2015
Page 9
Church Initiatives
Change the World Kids
Here’s a HUGE thank you to all of you who joined us at our
Anti-Cabin Fever dinners throughout the winter! It was an awesome
season, and we loved hearing your lively conversation and laughter.
Your support will help us fly to Costa Rica on June 18. There we'll
reforest degraded acres in the Bosque para Siempre migratory
corridor, work in our tree nursery, do research, and more.
Let It Grow Wild! On April 1 at 6:00 in the social hall, come join us
for a celebration dinner where the candidates in our Let It Grow
Wild! head and facial hair contest will appear before a panel of
esteemed judges. Between now and then, campaign and buy votes
for your favorite candidates. Bouffant, chrome dome, Parisian, or
rocker head? Big and bushy, soup-strainer, or neat and natty? You
will help decide the winner! Definite fun.
On May 29 we'll hold our fourth Great Garments for Global Good
clothing sale in the social hall, followed on 5/30 by our annual yard
sale on the church lawn. These events will step up this year,
offering quality items, bargains, great finds, and fun. You probably
have cool clothes, jewelry, and accessories that you don't wear or
use. And you probably have furniture or things in your home that
you simply don't need, and someone else may love to use!
Donations of good to excellent items (stuff you'd like to buy, gentlyused) are gratefully welcomed, as are baked goods. Items can be
left by the green door on the left front side of the church, beginning
on May 4. Please call 457-2622 or email [email protected] before dropping off large or valuable pieces, and
please no old computers, electronic equipment that does not work
perfectly, office equipment, or large appliances. It's helpful if you
bring clothing in plastic bags or cardboard boxes.
If you know of someone who could use our help or needs free firewood during the last bits of cold weather, please call 457-2622 or
email [email protected]
Page 10
April 2015
Amazing Grays
Since September the Amazing Grays (formerly Elders Circle/Art of
Aging) has brought 15-25 ‘somewhat older’ members of the North
Chapel together “to share our thoughts and feelings about getting
older and to support one another in the process.” At our monthly
gatherings we have tried “to create an environment of safety and
trust, to provide a time of quiet and solitude as well as a time of
sharing, to speak from our own experience, to listen to others with
our hearts without judgment, discussion, dialog, question asking,
problem-solving or “fixing,” and to treat everything as confidential
– whatever goes on here, stays here.”
Our hour and a half gatherings, when we are all together or in
small groups, have been stimulated by poems brought by participants, topics of interest raised by the group (life after retirement,
unfinished business, spirituality and aging, death and dying), relevant readings (Henry Miller on living a full life and growing older;
Pablo Casals on creativity, work and aging, Atul Gawande, Being
Mortal) and provocative questions that arose just as we came together (do older people need to “justify” their existence?).
We regularly share with our full list of interested elders (and
“young uns”) an assortment of poems, articles, and event announcements and are now exploring sponsoring an occasional talk,
film, workshop, poetry reading, book discussion or retreat in addition to our monthly gatherings.
The Amazing Grays are energetic, engaged, enthusiastic, often exhilarated. We invite everyone to join us anytime, for one or many
of our gatherings.
([email protected])
April 2015
Page 11
Spiritual Interconnections
Wednesday Morning Meditations
For those who might feel the need or welcome the opportunity to
participate in a group meditation in the middle of the week please feel
welcome. Charity Gray, who has had long and diverse experiences with
meditation practice will be facilitating a meditation experience in the
carpeted children’s room starting at 8 a.m. and completed to allow
people to comfortably make 9 a.m. appointments. All are welcome.
Meditation and Oneness Blessings
every Wednesday at 5:15 in the church parlors
The Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) offers a simple effortless method of
giving profound rest to the body and peace to the mind, promoting
wellness in all areas of life. The Oneness Experience creates a neurobiological shift in the brain silencing the ceaseless chatter of the mind,
enabling us to simply experience reality as it is, in the present moment,
where there is peace and a deep sense of wellbeing. Come and experience for yourself! If you would like more information, please contact:
Anne Dean at 457-3889 [email protected]
Additional Opportunity: A Meditation and Oneness Blessing will be
offered from 5:00 to 6:00 each Monday at the Barnard Library. Please
contact Anne 457-3889 for directions or information.
Evensong is a silent hour in the beauty of the sanctuary with few words
and a little beautiful music to reflect back to us the loveliness that is
too easy to forget. It starts at 5:30 and ends at 6:30, each Friday
Everyone mostly arrives and leaves in silence. This is very much an individual practice in a contemplative gathering. All welcome.
Clearness Committees
Are you struggling with an important issue that you could use clarity
on? Then consider being a “focus person” in a clearness committee
of people you trust who ask you open and honest questions to help
you gain clarity around that issue. The process takes about two hours
and is entirely confidential.
For more information about clearness committees and/or to see
about setting up a committee for yourself, please contact
([email protected]),
([email protected]), Daniel ([email protected]), or Geraldine
([email protected]).
April 2015
Page 12
Music in Our Sanctuary
North Chapel Concert
Sunday April 12 at 2pm
Tobias Steymans (violin), Victoria Schwartzman (piano)
Whitney Organ Recital
Sunday April 26 at 4pm
Renowned Boston organist, Lois Regesterin, will play period Victorian
music. Free, donations accepted. Partially funded by the Vermont
Chapter of American Guild of Organists.
Bel Canto Chamber Singers
Saturday May 2 at 7:30pm
Admission: Adults $12, Students $6, 12 years and younger are FREE
The theme is Mystics and Merrymakers. Featured works include Mozart’s festive Te Deum (composed when he was only 16 years old),
along with madrigals and spirituals, works by Lauridsen and Fauré, the
2012 Be Not Afeard by Etna, NH composer Travis Ramsey, and other
Thetford Chamber Singers
Friday May 8 at 7:30 pm
Tickets $15.00 at the door, $12.00 in advance, $8.00 students and
North Chapel Concert
Sunday May 10 at 2pm
Aeolus String Quartet
Pentangle Classical Concert
Sunday May 24 at 4pm
More information about this concert available soon.
Page 13
April 2015
Upcoming North Chapel Concert
Woodstock Unitarian Universalist Church
2 p.m., April 12, 2015
Sonata for Violin and Piano
K. 304 in E-minor
Tempo di Menuetto
W. A. Mozart
Sonata for Violin and Piano
No.1 (Op. 78) in G-major
Vivace ma non troppo
Adagio-Piu Andante- Adagio come prima
Allegro molto moderato
J. Brahms
Sonata for Violin and Piano
Allegro con fuoco
Intermezzo: Tre Lent et calme
Presto tragico
F. Poulenc
Next in the 2014 - 2015 UU Sundays at 2 Classical Music Series:
May 10, 2015
September 13
October 18
Aeolus String Quartet
Sergey Antonov (cello), Ilya Kazantsev (piano)
Jonathan Cohler (clarinet), Rasa Vitkauskaite
All concerts in this series are held in our sanctuary at 2:00 pm on Sundays.
Free, with donations at the door gratefully accepted. The series is
underwritten by a group of music lovers in our community. Proceeds from
door donations benefit the church. All are welcome!
Page 14
April 2015
Church Committee & Group Meetings
Committee Cafe
1st Tuesday, every other month
(March, May, July, September,
December in 2015).
6:30-7:30 p.m.
Come together for sharing after
committee meetings.
 Membership Committee
Contact Sherry Belisle 457-1919
 Worship Committee
Contact Anne Macksoud 457-9296,
 Buildings and Grounds Committee
Contact Jack Nelson 802-299-1275
 Finance Committee
Contact Chris Lloyd 457-4325
 Communications Committee
Contact Deb Rice 234-5349
Other Group Meetings
 Resource Development Committee
1st Sunday after church in Library
Contact Karen Wolk (603) 523-7319
 Board of Trustees
3rd Tuesday at 5:00 PM in Library
Contact Denise Lyons (457-2262) or
Susan Inui (802) 356-7880
 Choir Rehearsals
Wednesdays, 7:00 PM, sanctuary
Contact Diane Mellinger 234-6619
Ongoing Activities at the Church
Mondays: AA Meeting 7:00 PM,
Social Hall. Open meeting, all are
Thursdays - Yoga Class: 8:30-10:00
AM in parlors. Contact Instructor:
Phoebe Standish 672-3800
Wednesdays: Morning Meditation:
8-9 am, parlor. Each Wednesday
Thursdays: Hand in Hand dinners
held in the Social Hall, 5:00-7:00 PM,
free. Volunteers welcome. Contact
Lauren Jane Wilder 802-299-1777
Wednesdays: Oneness Blessings
held in the parlors, 5:15-6:15 PM on
Wednesdays. All are welcome.
Contact Anne Dean 457-3889 or
[email protected]
Wednesdays - Course in Miracles:
5:30-7:00 PM in Library. Contact
John (603) 353-9827
Fridays: Evensong held in the
Sanctuary, 5:30-6:30 PM. All welcome.
Contact Veronica DeLay 457-2253.
April 2015
Page 15
April Worship
Sunday services at 10-11am
Coffee afterwards in the Social Hall
April 5 (Easter)
Reflection: Daniel Jantos
Music: Diane Mellinger
April 26
Reflection: Daniel Jantos
Music: Diane Mellinger
April 12
Reflection: Daniel Jantos
Music: Diane Mellinger
May 3
Reflection: Daniel Jantos
Music: Diane Mellinger
April 19 (Earth Day)
Reflection: Daniel Jantos
Music: Diane Mellinger
Children’s Chapel
Program schedule
April 5 – Easter! With Geraldine and Anthea
April 12 - Drumming Circle with Ben & Geraldine
April 19 - The Natural World with Anthea
April 26 - Lessons in Yoga and Art with Geraldine
May 3 - Little Acts of Creation with Geraldine
May 10 – Mother’s Day - Drumming Performance Ben & Geraldine
May 17 - The Natural World with Anthea
May 24 - Lessons in Yoga and Art with Geraldine
All children from grades K-4th are welcome to attend our Children’s
Chapel program, held throughout the school year. For more
information contact Geraldine Fowler in the office.
Planning Ahead for Easter Fun
April 5th will be our annual Easter egg hunt for the children. The
RE Committee seeks assistance from families with children planning
on attending the Easter Sunday service and egg hunt (other North
Chapel folks are welcome to help out as well!).
We need:
 donations of candy or small toys to go into plastic eggs (or
pre-stuffed eggs) by March 29.
 volunteers to stuff candy into plastic Easter eggs between
March 29 and April 4
North Universalist Chapel Society
7 Church Street
Woodstock, VT 05091
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US Postage Paid
Woodstock VT
Permit number 5

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