CV - Sergej Novosad


CV - Sergej Novosad
Sergej Novosad
Address: Brighton, UK
Tel.: 07594872582
E-mail: [email protected]
I am sociable, well-wishing, responsible and initiative person. Able to plan and produce scripts
appropriate for fiction and non-fiction TV programmes and films. Also, able to undertake the
planning stages for the production of fiction and non-fiction audio-visual programmes and films.
Operate a range of digital audio and video equipment for the production of video content. Have
knowledge of sound design for fiction and non-fiction programmes and films. Experienced user
of industry-standard video editing software to a level required for the production of a short film
and TV programmes.
Technical skills
Full UK driving licence.
Editing and postproduction software: of Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe
Photoshop, Lightroom, Avid Media Composer, Ableton, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, MS
Office, MS Windows (all versions), Mac. Internet browsers: Mozilla Firefox, MS Internet
Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari. Good knowledge of computer hardware and
Cameras: BlackMagic 4K camera, Canon (450D, 600D , Mark 5D, Mark 7D) DSLR’s
and Sony Z5, Sony Z1E cameras.
Lighting equipment: Soft light boxes, Arrilight 800W, 300W, 130W and flash light
Canon Speedlite 580EX II.
Sound: MKH-416 and K6/ME66 directional, EW 100 G3 Omni radio Sennheiser
microphones. Zoom H4N sound recorder.
Work experience
Photo and Video:
 MasterMind magazine from 2014 to present. Filming and video content editing,
camera operating at events and musical events.
 The Latest TV internship in Brighton – (Since April 2014 to September 2014).
Special graphics and ident creation. Filming and editing video content for programmes.
Have practical experience to produce voxpop interwies.
 IRIE PIXEL Media - From August 2011 to present. Video content creation, VJing,
taking pictures of events, filming and editing promo videos.
Vimeo Link -
Web-site link:
 International Tournament of Acrobatic Gymnastics “Open Baltic 2011” as cameraman
from 17 to 22 May 2011 on the 18th in Lithuania.
 Events videographer from 2006 to 2011: 3 graduations in kindergartens, 4 school
graduations and parties, 5 sport events and the official chronics, 4 advertisements for
professional school of Visaginas. Family Celebrations: 5 anniversaries and 20 weddings.
Sound design and Music:
 Composed symphony orchestra music and released a music album called Journey Of A
Lifetime (2015).
Has done a sound design practice and music composing work for Alma short film
 Worked as a Student Ambassador at University of Brighton from 2013-2015.
 Was a Course Rep. (Representation) at University of Brighton from 2012 to 2014.
Mechatronics (multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of
mechanical, electrical, control and computer engineering):
 During the renovation in the professional school of business and technology of my home
- town I’ve installed the lighting in the premises (2009). Passed three month practice at
current gas boiling rooms of Visaginas in Lithuania (2011)
Graduated from University of Brighton with a BA(Hons) Broadcast Media in 2015.
Graduated from University of Brighton with a FDA Television Production diploma with
Merit in 2014.
2008-2011: School of business and technology, profession: Mechatronics Automation
Systems Maintenance Technician. N/SVQ level 2 standard.
Interested in a lot of extra activities or hobbies such as astronomy, biology, music, poetry and
Social and organisation skills:
Excellent team worker, punctual, conscientious executor, taught easily, inquisitive, interested
in novelty of different field of knowledge and culture, can fast join in new activities, master
new skills and acquired. Have good communication skills, good social skills, get on well with
people. Energetic, with a big fund of activities, always achieve aim.
Sport and Health:
● 2000-2005 studied Greco-Roman wrestling style
● 2001-2006 was in scout organization
● 2006-2008 engaged in street acrobatics
● 2007-2008 martial arts of Aikido
● 2008-2009 was engaged in boxing

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