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South New Brighton School
South New Brighton School
Tena koutou,
As we are always pro-active in our care of your children we are trialling a new system
to support students who have been seen at the school office for a playground injury.
Each child who is checked by the office staff for an injury will receive an information
slip to show to their classroom teacher. This slip will come home with your child so
that you are aware of the injury. This new system only applies to minor injuries. For
serious injuries we will contact you at the time.
Thank you to all those parents who returned the sausage survey so promptly. If you
still have one at home please send it back completed tomorrow. The sausages were
certainly popular and went like hotcakes.
To be a community of quality
learners, nurturing our values of
Citizenship, Achievement,
Thank you also for the great turn out to the Learning Conferences. It is wonderful that
we have such positive support from parents. I have had a number of parents report to
me how impressed they are with our students’ ability to talk about their learning and
progress. Please check that your child returns their Learningfolio before the holidays
as they are needed for planning Term 3 programmes.
16 July - Term 3 starts
25thJuly – Whanauhui / Assembly
We have placed some interesting information for parents and visitors in our office
foyer. At present there is our School Kete, which is our staff’s basket of knowledge,
some High School newsletters, Our School Charter and some Help agency
Term Dates for 2012
Term 1 1 Feb - 5 April
Term 2 23 April - 29 June
Term 3 16 July - 28 September
Term 4 15 Oct - (likely to be 17 Dec)
As of next term we have extra help available from our Social Work agencies. If you
feel you or your child would like someone to talk to please ring the school on 3889426
and ask for Jenni. We will also be holding some parent meetings on anxiety during
Term 3 so watch these snippets for the dates.
Our English ICAS exam will be held on Tuesday 31 July and our Mathematics
ICAS exam will be held on Tuesday 14 August.
Mr Bockett will be returning from his overseas study on July 24, which means
that Emma will return to full classroom teaching in week two of term 3. Rachel
Gentry has done a fantastic job of team teaching with Emma and we
appreciate her work in ensuring that Room 26 students have had continued
quality teaching and learning during term 2. I would like to thank all the staff
who have supported me so well during my term as Acting Principal. We are all
looking forward to having John back at the helm.
Naku i runga i aku mihi ki a koe
(Acting Principal)
Art Class
Frisbee Golf
Cup Cake Decorating
Jewellery Making
Congratulations to
Teighan Connolly Room
17 who was successful
in gaining a place in the
Christchurch Music
Festival Junior Choir
Congratulations to Ariana Zygadlo Room 14 who
passed her Grade One Theory Exam, NZ Modern
School of Music with Honors
Congratulations to the following students for achieving their C.A.R.E Awards.
These will be awarded at assembly / Whanauhui
on Wednesday 25th July (Term 3)
Boogie Boarders
Alex Young
Brooke Paterson
Gemma Thomas
George Harrison
Jolie Rakena
Cassius Kitchen
Ryan Dow
Rhiana Muir
Emily Prince
Haley Tyerman
Maddie Iro
Volcano Experiment
Team Sports
Board Games
Ukulele Workshop
Gaming Day
Mikayla Clare (Term 2)
Samara Mackie-Smith
Zahra Nee
Sophie Hughes
Wave Riders
Chino Barrett-Lovie
Baylie Hape
Movie 3pm daily
Page 2
Snippets no 17
Colours Day
29 June
General News & Information ….
Term: 2
Room 1 Jack Watson
Trinity Pearson
Room 2 Bodhi Claydon
Room 3 Lucan Payne
Room 4 Kiri Ngataki
Room 5 Hayley Reynolds
Room 6 Kyle Shepherd
Room 7 Bailey Kane
Room 9 Brydee Catermole
Room 10 Ruby Kitchen
Room 11 Room 12 Jessica Walker
Room 13 Daire Bolster
Room 14 Luke Hagenaar
Room 15 Sasha Fairbairn
Room 16 Oscar Langridge
Kayne Anderson
Room 17 Kyle Smith
Room 18 Korbon Bright
Room 20 Levi McNabb
Room 21 Kayla McGrory
Room 22 Ella Redmond
Room 23 –
Liam Dempsey
Room 26 –
Keely Grey-Bell
Jack Anderson
The Student Council are having a fun colours day on
the last day of term- Friday 29
The colour for each class has been drawn out of a
There will be prizes for the best dressed classes.
Have fun and get creative.
Room 1 and 21- Rainbow
Room 2 and 22 Grey
Room 17 and 7 Green
Room 4 and 23 Yellow
Room 18 and 10 Brown
Room14 and 11 Blue
Room 13 and 6 Orange
Room 9 and 16 White
Room 3 and 26 Black
Room 5 and 20 Purple
Room 12 and 15 Red
“Thank You!”
At SNBS we have fantastic Adult Volunteers who have trained as
Tutors in Oral Language and work each week with our Year 2-4
Students helping them to develop their Oral Language and Reading
Michelle Bracewell, Renee Costigan and Katrina Muir have trained as
HPP Tutors – Hei Awhiawhi Tamariki kit e Panui Pukapuka. This
programme aims to embrace children with Oral Language through
picture books.
Mel Naven, Marie Aldous, Jane Rickerby, Jackie McDonald and Erin
Kennedy have all trained as Tutors in the Pause, Prompt and Praise
Oral Language Reading Programme.
To these wonderful volunteers SNBS say “Thank You very much for all
your awesome work with our SNBS Students”
Tuesday – Kirsty Yr 0/2 – Hula Hoops
Wednesday – Therese Yr 5/6 Netball
Thursday – Mrs McLeish – Yr 3-4 – Wheels
Amnesty for books
We are having an
amnesty for books.
Please check your
home for stray school
reading and library
books and return them
to school by Friday
29 June
School Veggie Patch
South New Brighton School
has signed up for the
McCain School Veggie
Patch promotion.
If you use McCain frozen
veggies please collect the
barcodes and bring to
Each barcode is worth 10 to
20 points.
We can get equipment and
seeds for our school garden
using the points.
SAUSAGE SIZZLE – Every Thursday
$1.50 each – purchase tickets at flag pole between 8.30-9am.
Vegetarian Sausages now available $2
Our Community Notices ….
27 June 2012
Access to School Dental Services over the July school
holiday period
The Community Dental Service has a contract to provide an
emergency dental service for pre-schoolers and primary school
children over the school holiday period. The service is limited
to the relief of acute pain only and will operate from 8:30am
until 12:30pm from the Hillmorton Community Clinic,
Sylvan Street, Christchurch for the following times.
Monday, 2 July to Friday, 6 July 2012 (excluding
Monday, 9 July to Friday, 13 July 2012 (excluding
Routine treatment will not be offered/available over the
holidays and any accident related issues will be referred to
Community Dentists as per usual practise. Megan Gibbs
Service Manager
The 9 Christchurch Puppet FestivaI will be held in New Brighton
at The Roy Stokes Hall, Seaview Rd, on Sat July 7 . $2 entry.
9.30. Natural Magic. Animal Parade( preschool show with “the magic box”)
10.30. Thumbs Up Puppets. A Pirate Show! (New glove puppet show. 4-10 yrs)
11.30. Ohisama. A Japanese Folk Tale.(New Show. Shadow Puppets)
12.30. Storyteller Liz Weir. Silly Stuff. (Fun & Games with popular “Library Liz”)
1.30. Papa Tree . Enough Stuff! (Shadows, acting, music, fun & a message.4-10yrs)
South New Brighton Playcentre’s Quiz
Where: The Speight’s Ale House
(2a Waterman Place, Ferrymead Central
When: Sunday 22 July,
Time: 7pm

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