Sh. Yussouf Khan



Sh. Yussouf Khan
Sh. Yussouf Khan
Nangal Salangri
Dt.- Una (Himachal Pradesh)
Compost production and sale
i) He has three composting
tunnels of 160 tons
compost/month capacity.
ii) Supplies nearly 90% of
the total compost
produced to mushroom
growers of difficult areas
of HP.
iii) Produces nearly 870 tons
of compost/annum out
of which sales 750 tons
to needy mushroom
Spawn production
i) He has a well
established spawn
laboratory and
produces spawn of
button and oyster
mushrooms for his
own use.
Mushroom Cultivation
i) Started mushroom
cultivation in the year
2000 by long method of
compost preparation in
shed condition with
1000-1200 bags.
ii) Presently he has
controlled cropping
rooms with capacity of
50 tons compost/cycle.
Employment generation
Given employment
to 15 semi-skilled
and skilled workers
Awareness generation and training
Well equipped Training Center
for 50 candidates/ batch and
imparts training on mushroom
composting, mushroom
cultivation and mushroom
spawn preparation.
ii) Has experience of working as
General Manager in AgroDutch Industries.
iii) Served as Mushroom Expert in
the Ministry of Social
Development, Bahrain.
Place to visit
i) Unit is a place for
exposure visit for
Agriculture &
Horticulture Depts. of
HP, CSK HPKV students,
Institute of Biotech. &
Environmental Science,
Neri, Hamirpur, and
Agriculture Deptt. of
Diversified activities
i) Converts the spent
mushroom compost in
to valuable manure
and uses in chemical
free cultivation of
different vegetables
under green house
and field cultivation of
Congratulations - Sh. Yussouf Khan