Fatigue-recovery sportswear exclusively for regeneration periods



Fatigue-recovery sportswear exclusively for regeneration periods
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Winning Entry
Fatigue-recovery sportswear exclusively
for regeneration periods:"Recovery Wear"
Venex Co., Ltd
Overview of winning entry
ceived high acclaim at ISPO Munich 2013,
But thus far, only wear for the training type
Evidence established at
Japanese and overseas
of action has been developed - wear for re-
Hitherto, research efforts have been made
a gold prize - the first ever awarded to a
covery during regeneration has been
at multiple universities in Japan and over-
Japanese enterprise. Boosted forward by
missed out. We studied the need for recov-
seas to establish scientific evidence for
that recognition of our world-first achieve-
ery wear as clothing exclusively for condi-
these products and their materials. Now,
ment, we commenced opening up Europe-
tioning of athletes. Then we embarked on
parallel with the products' release in
an markets for the products in the summer
developing such wear and succeeded - for
Europe, new research has started in Ger-
of 2014. And domestically, for the purpose
the first time in the world.
many under Bochum University's Professor
of increasing the recognition of the new
Hahn, an exercise physiology expert.
category, we have released via publisher
It is known that a balance of both action
and regeneration is important for sports.
3rd-generation sportswear
the world's biggest sporting goods trade
fair held in Germany in 2013, where it won
Kadokawa Corporation the magazine-style
book "Neckwarmers That Take Tiredness
items stressing motility, water absorbency
Creating regeneration markets
to bring vibrancy to all
and quick dryability were developed and
Our products applying the patented fibers
over 600,000 copies (as of October 2014).
popularized on the sportswear market a
that are our core competence were initially
Thus, some understanding about rendering
long way back. They are what is known as
aimed at the nursing care market, but they
regeneration periods proactive through
the first generation of sportswear.
fared poorly there and that approach was
functional clothing is being spread. With a
Subsequently from the 90s onward, func-
abandoned. Subsequently, the market ori-
slogan of "Create regeneration markets to
tional sportswear developed that had the
entation of the products was switched
bring vibrancy to all", we are currently pro-
purpose of enhancing performance during
when they were developed into sportswear
viding services and products overseas as
sports and activity time. This was the
exclusively for regeneration periods under
well as domestically.
second generation of sportswear.
an industry-university-public sector collab-
Recovery wear is now emerging against
orative project. Their market introduction
such market backdrop as a brand-new third
has proceeded smoothly to date, with over
generation of sportswear for regeneration
eight hundred sports stores in Japan now
selling them.
Tracksuits, jerseys, sweatshirts and other
Away", a major bestseller that has sold
Further, the products' innovativeness re-
Corporate proļ¬le
Venex Co., Ltd
About special material PHT
PHT is a new special material consisting of a fabric into which
nano-platinum and several tens of minerals are worked. Recovery wear using PHT gently enfolds the body during regeneration, making for an environment conducive to recovery of
physical strength.
Appraisal by the panel
Clothing aimed at fatigue recovery is a creative
original - there is nothing else like it. It also has
special features in its materials and design. It is
marketable both in Japan and overseas. A certain
amount of scientific demonstration seeking to endorse the products' effects has been conducted, but
we look forward to further levels of demonstration
that will accumulate data on the products when
worn on the body.