The Role of Freight Forwarders


The Role of Freight Forwarders
The Role of Freight Forwarders
The role of the freight forwarder is to
facilitate the smooth transit of import or
export goods through sea or air ports
Importer Arrangements
• One agent covering all ports
• Several agents at several ports
• Some importers do their own
• Completion and lodgement of CVED
• Preparation of customs documentation
• Lodgement of Original Bill of Lading
with shipping line (proves ownership)
• Scheduling of delivery
Clearance Procedures
• Supplier and importer details (SITPRO)
• Declare fiscal information (VAT number)
• Provide customs commodity code and
any preferential rates
• Declare the Customs Procedure
• Account for any duties payable
• Customs Handling of Import and Export
• The information required is as follows:
Part 1. Consignor, Consignee & Agent Details
Part 2. Manifest / Container / Ship detail
Part 3. Value Detail
Part 4.a Consignment Detail 1.
Part 4.b. Consignment Detail 2
Note CVED number and weight – without this detail, Customs entry will not be accepted clearance will not be granted.
Part 5. – Levy / Duty Amounts Payable
The final entry is transmitted to customs
and two documents are produced:
C88 SAD (Single Administrative
E2 Accounting document
Example of the Completed C88
Meanwhile….port health are delighted with the
consignment. The following documentation is
faxed to Customs:
E2 Accounting Document
Suppliers invoice
Copy Port Health release
Other documents (licence/cert of origin)
Payment of Duties
• Cash/Bankers Draft
• Electronic transfer of funds
• Guarantee/Deferment Account
(deducted 15th day of following month)
• Freight forwarder has to make
judgement on when container will be
released. Why?
• Ports limit lorries arriving for collection
• Some days busier (Monday and Friday)
• Limited haulage contractors
• Cost of renting a container
• 6-7 days delay can add £500 to
clearance costs
• Intended profit on a container of beef
may be 2 to 3,000 pounds sterling
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