e-Shofar Shabbat Vayikra (HaChodesh) 5775 20


e-Shofar Shabbat Vayikra (HaChodesh) 5775 20
The weekly email
newsletter of
Cockfosters and
N Southgate
Shabbat Vayikra / Rosh Chodesh /Hachodesh 20/21 March 2015 1 Nisan 5775
Shabbat 20/21 March Shabbat
What’s on this week @CNSS
Vayikra / Hachodesh / Rosh
Friday 20th
Shabbat Begins: 5.59 pm
Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat: 5.55
Shacharit: 9.00am
Mincha: 5.45pm
Shiur: 6.15pm
Shabbat ends 7.02 pm
Sunday 8.15am
Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat: 5.55 pm
Shabbat 21st
TALKBack with Ivan Cohen
Youth in the Beit with Yoel
Shiur with Rabbi Epstein 6.15pm
Sunday 22nd
Sale of Chametz 10.00-12.00
No Zumba
Monday 23rd
Rainbows - 4.15pm & Brownies -5.15pm
Club 47 & iClub as usual
Monday, Thursday 7.00 am
CLC Final session this term
Tuesday, Friday 7.10 am
Sunday Mincha + Maariv 5.55 pm
Monday - Thursday 1.00 pm
Monday 7.45pm
Tuesday – Thursday 8.00pm
Sale of Chametz 8-10pm
Tuesday 24th
Friendship Club 1.00-3.00pm
Wednesday 25th
Zumba Gold for the over 50’s 9.45am
Lunch & Learn + Daniel Anderson - 1.30pm
Brownies – 5.30pm
seed study programme after maariv.
Karate for boys and girls - 7.30pm
Thursday 26th
Thursday Parashat Hashavuah shiur with Rabbi Epstein after
Cockfosters & N Southgate
Old Farm Avenue N14 5QR
020 8886 8225
E: [email protected]
Office hours:
Sun + Fri 0930 -1230
Mon-Thur 0930 - 1600
JACS - Beverley Stone with ‘Songs from the Great
American Songbook’-1.30pm
Karate for men and boys - 7.30pm
Saturday 4 April: Second night Pesach
Communal Seder. Bookings close MONDAY
Refuah shalemah
We wish all those who are feeling unwell, a speedy and complete recovery .
We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Mrs Sheila Stern, mother of Ian
Stern (the Levayah and Shiva took place in Newcastle), the passing of Mrs Rita Pitch,
mother of Jackalyn Verby and of the passing of Mrs Sylvia Abrahams, wife of Morris
Abrahams. We extend our condolences and wish all the families Long Life.
Sale of Chametz
Rabbi Epstein will be available for the sale of chametz on:
Sunday 22 March 10-12am, Monday 23 March 8-10pm,
Sunday 29 March 10-12am, or by prior arrangement.
You can also sell on line via the US website, www.theus.org.uk
Parallel Service in Cockfosters each week
Every Friday evening and Shabbat Morning at 9.am + Kiddush.
This week:
The Synagogue
Haftarah- Benny Gemal
70 for 70 reading – Jonny Hoffman Anim Zemirot – ??????
Cockfosters Minyan
Haftarah – Gary Simmons Dvar Torah – David Keene
Rabbi: Rabbi Daniel Epstein E: [email protected] Tel: 07885 587 885
Rebbetzen Ilana Epstein E: [email protected] Tel: 07885 588 385
Chair: Rosalind Goulden e:[email protected] Vice Chair: Ian Wolfson
Financial Representative: Gerald Alexander
Wardens: Anthony Israel and Anthony Harris
Office Manager: Linda Cohen
NOSH Emma Simons E: [email protected]
Ladies Guild Chair: Ruth Jennings
US Burial Society 0208 950 7767
CNSS Community Care Helpline
020 8882 2332
Board of Deputies 020 7543 5400
Pesach 2015 Services, Programmes & Events
Friday 3 April Erev Pesach - Fast of the Firstborn
Shacharit 7.45am (Bank Holiday) Followed by Siyum.
Last time for eating chametz 10.53am
Communal chametz burning at Old Farm Avenue 11.00am
Last time for burning chametz 11.58am
Shabbat and festival begins 7.22pm (first seder night)
Mincha 7.15pm Earliest time to start Seder - 8.30pm
Saturday 4 April Pesach 1
Shacharit 9.00am
Mincha + shiur, then Maariv 7.15pm
Second Seder - 8.27pm (candles should be lit after this time)
CNSS Communal Seder. Led by Rabbi Epstein, 8.30pm. see page 4
Start counting the Omer
Sunday 5 April Pesach 2
Shacharit 9.00am followed by baby blessing
Mincha 7.15pm
First part of festival ends 8.29pm
Monday 6 April Bank Holiday
Shacharit 7.45am with special ‘sing-along Hallel’
The Harry Potter Pesach Afternoon Matzah Ramble with the Social Committee, from Leicester
Square to Green Park. Meet at Leicester Square Station, Cranbourne Street entrance at 1.45pm
sharp. Bring your own nosh!
Mincha + Maariv 7.15pm
Tuesday 7 – Thursday 9 April (Make Eruv Tavshilin)
Shacharit 6.40am
Mincha + Maariv 7.15pm
Thursday 9 April Pesach 7
Festival begins and candle lighting 7.33pm
Mincha and Maariv 7.15pm
Friday 10 April
Shacharit 9.00am
Mincha and Maariv 7.15pm
Eighth Day begins 7.34pm Light candles before 7.30pm
Saturday 11 April Pesach 8
Shacharit 9.00am including Yizkor
Mincha 7.40pm
Shabbat and festival ends 8.40pm
Friday 3rd April - Monday 6th April - closed
Tuesday 7th + Wednesday 8th - Chol Hamoed open 09.30 - 12.30
Thursday 9th/Friday 10th -Yom tov, closed Sunday 12th - normal Sunday 09.30 - 12.30
Second night
Pesach 2015
Communal Seder
Saturday 4 April
Booking details.
Our 2015 Communal Seder will be led
this year by Rabbi Epstein.
As it is Saturday night, the delicious meal
will consist of hot soup, a cold fish main
course, with a vegetarian option, and
dessert + hot drink.
We are delighted that we have been able
to keep the costs down to last year’s
prices: £25 per adult and £15 per child
under 12.
Places are already filling fast so
allow for orders to be placed with
caterers etc.
Call Linda on 8886 8225 to make sure that
you are not disappointed
Remember – closing date for bookings,
23 March
Friday 3 April: First night Pesach
Saturday 4 April: Second night Pesach Communal Seder.
Monday 6 April Pesach Afternoon Matzah Ramble with
the Social Committee, from Leicester Square to Green
Park. Meet at Leicester Square Stn, Cranbourne Street
entrance,1.45pm sharp.
Wednesday 22 April Yom Hazikaron + Yom HaAtzma’ut
programme. Details below.
Sunday 10 May CNSS AGM, 10.00am
Sunday 10 May Treasures of Kenwood House. Exclusive
afternoon guided tour and tea with the Social Committee.
Limited places. £10 per person. Pre booking & paying
essential. See page 4 for details.
The CNSS Book Club organised by the Social
Committee, is starting soon after Pesach. More
details next week.
Commemorate Yom Hazikaron &
Celebrate Yom Haatzma’ut @ CNSS
On Wednesday 22 April 2015
Mincha 6.45pm
Ceremony 7.00pm presented by young Israelis from Magic Moments, together with the Wolfson
Hillel choir.
Maariv 8.00pm, followed by a reception and celebration in the MT Hall.
Nominal charge £5
A big ‘thank you’ to all the Magic Moments host families!
Treasures of Kenwood House
Sunday 10th May 2015 (1.45 - 5.00 p.m.)
An exclusive opportunity of an escorted private tour to see some of the
highlights of the Kenwood House collection in Hampstead and learn some
of their secrets with an expert English Heritage guide. There will be two, hour
long tours strictly limited to 20 people per tour, followed by tea and
refreshments in a private room. Cost - £10 per person, including tea. Priority
to CNSS members.
Please book through the CNSS social committee email
([email protected]) or directly with the office. Tickets will be
allocated strictly on a first come first served and paid basis, so book early.
Everyone should meet promptly at 1.45 p.m. outside the main entrance to the
house (not the grounds). Parking is VERY limited. For more details of
Kenwood House, go to http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/